Matthew Vasilevski is a commercial real estate investor and social media influencer. Like many self-made entrepreneurs, Matt was tired of his monotonous 9-5 job, with no personal or financial freedom. With a deep desire to change his life, Matt quit his job and invested his life savings into commercial real estate at the age of 19 and never looked back. His success not only gave him the freedom he desired, but he was able to start living his dream and even bought his first Ferrari 458 by the age of 21. Now, he continues his path as an entrepreneur and social media influencer with over 1M followers across different platforms

“I came to realize I can’t live an extraordinary life by just working a mediocre job,” shares Matthew. 

Many people choose to stay in their current jobs even though they are terribly unhappy. They do so because change is terribly scary, especially when you decide to go about it on your own. However, being able to face this fear head on is what distinguishes great entrepreneurs. As Matt says, “You will be doubted, questioned, and will have many long nights, but with a strong mindset everything is possible.” The dream of freedom and owning your own business seems ideal, however, don’t forget the hard work that goes into it. Starting a business is not a straight road, but having mentors and a strong mindset are two things that will help get you through the journey despite any bumps in the road. 

In fact, Matthew considers developing a positive mindset one of the greatest obstacles he has overcome. When he started, he didn’t think he would make it because of all the negative talk around him. However, “Having a positive mindset is the most crucial weapon someone can have,” says Matt. 

Now, Matt is able to be the ruler of his own life and enjoy his freedom. As such, he plans to continue to travel to different parts of the world for more inspiration on his next idea. 

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