With Years of Experience, Diaspora Law is the Ideal Law Firm To Help Spouses Obtain Legal Status via Marriage Visas in the United States

When it comes to immigrating, whether because you are moving to your partner’s home country or are looking for work or a better living condition, working with the right firm will ensure better results and fewer headaches.

This is particularly the case when migrating to the United States, which has a very complex immigration process–even for people married to US Citizens. Indeed, people have to comply with many regulations and measures in order to successfully obtain a green card.

Accordingly, people should seek the guidance and help of professionals in the field of immigration and there is no better group than Diaspora Law, led by the immigration attorney Mr. Oscar Barbosa.

Diaspora Law is a U.S. immigration law firm with extensive experience in spouses and K-1 fiance visas. The attorneys in the team have assisted hundreds of people navigating the Petition form form spouses, the national visa center interview process, and the 90 day fiancé applications. 

“Through community engagement and support we work with local organizations to advocate for fair changes in immigration law and the fair treatment of all people.” Reads their website.

Diaspora Law is licensed federally to practice U.S. immigration law in all 50 states and abroad, they are a pro-immigrant, humanitarian and bilingual effort to keep families together and protect those who cannot defend themselves. 

Observing that immigrants often find themselves struggling against the tide in an unwelcoming immigration system, the attorneys at Diaspora Law saw the need to help numerous families and individuals successfully navigate their immigration cases or at least better understand the immigration system and its requirements.

Diaspora Law’s lawyers and staff speak multiple languages and are available regardless of time zone, state or country 24/7. They understand each individual case because they are immigrants too.

“Diaspora Law is passionate about helping immigrants because we all have a deep connection to the cause. We have seen and experienced the struggle, the confusion, and the strength it takes to come to the United States for a better life for your family or business” as described on their website. The law firm also provides an easy way to schedule consultations.

Mr. Barbosa’s extensive experience in immigration matters, as well as the caring team of attorneys and paralegals has led him around the world to provide immigration consulting services.

He has worked with the Jesuit Refugee Service, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America, and the Service Employees International Union, which allows him to have a point of view on immigration which he considers as a practice intimately linked to Human Rights. 

Thanks to the experience gained from years of work, Mr. Barbosa is able to explain in simple language situations that may seem complicated and understandable. This is all evidenced in the numerous recommendations and reviews he has received on Avvo, where former clients refer to him as “very knowledgeable and willing to help.”

Diaspora Law is not just helping families stay together by supporting their immigration claims and defending clients against deportation, but also by helping those who qualify for marriage based green cards or K-visas with 90 day fiancé applications. 

Learn more about Mr. Barbosa and Diaspora Law here.