Coaching, Investment, Real Estate, Media, Entertainment: These are the Services Needed By Anyone Looking To Build a Business, and They are Offered by True Life Companies

Just as there are serial entrepreneurs–business people who get involved in different industries–there are also serial businesses: brands or organizations that have a variety of branches that provide different services. This is the case of the True Life companies founded and run by Michael Ashabi.

The first is True Life Ventures, which is a life and business coaching company that also provides sales training. True Life Ventures helps clients build and implement strategies to run scalable businesses.

True Life Ventures is a one-stop life coaching, business consulting, a one-stop store for young entrepreneurs and business owners, or in other words, what I like to call ‘the network from one connection to building a business.” Explains CEO Michael Ashabi.

Then there is True Life Financial, which is a life insurance agency that is partnered with PHP Agency, Inc. PHP Agency is a national financial services company with a mission to change an elitist financial services industry and, in doing so, provide everyone with access to the best insurance products offered. 

The priority of True Life Financial is to ensure that their clients are in the best possible position to take care of their loved ones. This resonates with the vision of PHP Agency, which was to bring life insurance to America’s multicultural class. 

In addition, True Life Entertainment is an entertainment and management company that works with artists, models, influencers, and entertainers. They manage artists and get them paid gigs. They also mix and remaster music including full production of music videos. 

The reason we started True Life Entertainment is because we wanted to create opportunities for artists, influencers, models and performers to make the money they truly deserve.” Shares CEO Michael Ashabi.

On another hand, True Life Media is the go-to company to help entrepreneurs create content for their platforms to grow them and gain more brand awareness. This is crucial in today’s mediatic world. They offer clients media packages with premium resources to boost their authenticity and show the world exactly what they bring to the table.

Lastly, there is True Life Real Estate where clients can connect with and learn from real estate experts in the real estate industry. Besides offering real estate courses for investors, they also manage 51 rental units and continue to expand their portfolio.

These True Life companies started in March 2020 and by the end of their first month it was already earning $46K. By the end of 2020 it was already producing $1.4 million. The pace does not stop and continues to grow, which is why by July of this year the company was producing $3.8 million.

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