Eminent Start Business Provides Small, Medium And Large Investors With Opportunities To Grow: Learn About Eduardo Toledo, The Man Behind It

Eduardo Toledo is a native of the city of Maracaibo, capital of the state of Zulia in Venezuela. He is the General Director of Eminent Smart Business, which manages the capital of small, medium and large investors.

Eminent Smart Business is focused largely on diversification in different lines of business, from the stock market to e-commerce. We help clients maximize value by investing in a diversified portfolio of instruments that adjust based on developments in the global economy.” Eduardo shares.

Eduardo’s involvement in the world of business was preceded by his curiosity for it from a very young age. He was always looking for ways to make ends meet for his family after his father died when he was a child.

I always liked to soak and learn about business, from a very early age I was looking to meet my expenses and for that talk, learn and rub elbows with those who were already in that movement for me was the key.” Eduardo explains.

At the beginning, Eduardo’s inspiration was the stereotype of the businessman–the one in a nice suit, limousine, in front of several monitors checking stock market shares, something like the Wall Street movies. 

“I was always attracted to the stereotype of the man in a suit in a limousine in front of several screens, with an incredible building or offices talking about stocks and companies or investing in various sources of income.” He says.

But after years of learning, that inspiration changed. Now Eduardo is passionate about researching opportunities that no one is talking about and innovating in the business industry. He has also compiled his knowledge about investment and published an e-book, “Trades sin arrogancia.”

“I am passionate about achieving goals for me and my investors. I am inspired by the feedback I have received from clients and colleagues for the work we have been doing.” Eduardo states.

Eduardo noticed that ordinary people with small capital had little access to the world of finance. With Eminent, he wanted to change that. To do this, Eminent creates a personalized portfolio for each client. They understand the client’s profile, recommend a diverse investment portfolio in USD, and monitor market conditions.

Every time I had some savings and wanted to take them out of the bank to not have them there without doing anything, I had no choice because at the time the world of finance was quite closed, nothing like what it is now. Now, although it is true that it is much more accessible, people still see it as something extremely complicated and we are willing to break away from that way of thinking.” Eduardo explains.

Eminent accomplishes this by offering personalized attention and transparent and to the point information. Eduardo has been able to put together a very professional team that is aware of every penny that is in the line of fire.

With years of experience in business, challenges also follow. In Eduardo’s case, he has also been able to overcome many obstacles, including feeling trapped in the regular way of doing things in an industry.

Not being pigeonholed in the same pattern of the entire industry, which has been damaged by mismanagement of information. My biggest challenge has been creating my own firm that does not wear a suit and tie, but that takes into account experience and results rather than appearance.” Eduardo says.

To face these challenges and achieve the much-desired success, it is important to have a good mindset. Otherwise, any setback can stop progress.

“My advice to people looking to start their own business is: Do not give up at the first obstacle, you will find many of these along the way. Think big without getting your feet off the ground. But above all, do not let third-parties interfere in a good or bad way in your north and your plan. Have discipline and courage.” He advises.

In 2021, Eduardo is working to expand Eminent’s client portfolio. To do this, they have created two new portfolios in both cryptocurrency and e-commerce for clients looking for long-term investment opportunities. 

“To learn about the mentality with which my team and I face different investment scenarios and even personal obstacles, I invite you to read my e-book, ‘Trades without arrogance.’” He adds.

Find out more about Eduardo and Eminent here.