How Young Entrepreneur Cody Vaujin Used His Personality Traits, Numbers Abilities, And Hard Work Ethic To Move Up Quickly In The Sports Betting World

Cody Vaujin is a star in the sports betting industry. His career success began at a young age when he was making waves at a number of competitions for his successes in his ability to accurately predict and work with the numbers. However, this ended being an obstacle that Cody had to overcome when he was banned from numerous casinos.

“A big problem that I had to overcome early on in my career was the fact that many casinos in Las Vegas banned me from betting in their Sports Books. I profited over 2 million dollars in less than a year, which is a 40,000% return on investment. Numbers like this are astronomical and not taken lightly. Casinos simply did not want to take action from me. I did not know what to do at this point in my career. I soon realized that just because I am banned from many casinos, it does not mean that I can’t provide paying clients with my picks to help profit against Casinos. This is how my business originally began,” Cody explains.

This was not a problem for Cody who quickly began separating himself out from the competition. With his strong personality and ability to help his customers, he gained a reputation as a successful businessman in the industry. He always had a knack for numbers and this helped propel him to success as well as his excellent customer service.

“I have a very loud personality, you could say. I’m not afraid to put myself out there, take risks, and show my lifestyle. I have been helping clients make money for years now, which gives me credibility. Unlike some of the competition in the industry, I have extensive knowledge on different sports. I specialize in MLB, NBA, and NFL. Clients can rest assured that they are getting quality bets from a knowledgeable handicapper. It is disappointing to see many people come into the industry with little to no knowledge of sports and try to make money from people who are trusting their advice. I have built a reputable business around making sure my clients get top quality picks, bank roll advice, and quality customer service. Every single message I receive is handled specifically by me, and only me. Clients have access to me for all their Sports Betting needs,” Cody remarks.

For Cody, the hardest part of starting his business was just how rapidly his business scaled up due to his quick success in the industry. He was dealing with over 50,000 clients and had to spend a lot of time just trying to make picks for his clients.

“For my particular business, the biggest challenge was scaling the business properly. My business blew up, and gained the attention of people rapidly. In many cases, this is a great thing. However, the way I was making so much money was from taking my own picks that I spent hours researching. My attention went from putting a ton of research into plays daily to trying to message 50,000+ clients each day. This forced me to re-evaluate my business plan. Since making appropriate changes, I now only allow exclusive and limited availability to my picks and plays. This allows me to give every single client the attention they deserve, while still allowing for 3-5 hours per day to studying picks. I pride myself on my customer service and clients speak with me directly.” Cody states.

Cody is attempting numerous projects this year. The pandemic has not slowed him down at all. Though he is very involved in some business projects, he also wants to begin creating his own documentary to help inspire others.

“While I am deep underway in many of my projects this year, one thing that I would like to start considering is my own documentary. I believe this would give me the chance to show my unique story into the sports handicapping business. I have had many ups and downs that I believe could help others interested in the business, and also remind them that anything is possible with dedication and confidence.” Cody says.

To find out more about Cody, you can follow him on Instagram here. You can also check out his website here.