Tosin Oduwole, Real Estate Investor And Mentor, Is Strengthening Vulnerable Communities And Helping Individuals Reach Their Financial Goals Through Real Estate

Tosin Oduwole is the CEO and Founder of Building AQuisition Partners United. He was born in Saint Louis, Missouri, and attended school in Europe & Africa later throughout his teenage years. As he returned to the United States, he worked with his mother, running a number of independently operated adult care facilities. Early on, Tosin was taught to be self reliant and developed an entrepreneurial spirit as a kid. Furthermore, Tosin became passionate about architecture at a very young age, as he watched his father, an architect, design buildings from scratch in a bedroom makeshift office. From a drawing on a piece of paper, to actual steel and concrete where people lived and worked in, this process amazed Tosin. 

It was his entrepreneurial mindset and love for architecture that led him to bring these two concepts together. As he saw a need for improvement in certain neighborhoods, Tosin was called to aid in the restoration of the financial environments of people that live in such neighborhoods. Now, Tosin is the Principal Portfolio Fund Manager of Building AQuisition Partners United, a Regulation D 506(c) real estate crowd fund that currently has a $100M real estate offering that targets the midwest, specifically Chicago. 

“Job creation, as well as mental health, are things that are lacking in the inner city and buying property alone doesn’t solve this problem. Chicago currently has one of the highest violent crime incident reports in the nation, especially in certain south side neighborhoods. I strongly believe that my team and I have the knowledge and ability to save lives in Chicago, and to rally up those who are financially empowered individuals to help us. A robust strategy to teach, empower, and provide quality housing has always been what I felt I have to offer while I am here on this earth,” Tosin shares. 

Currently, Tosin’s fund is raising $100M in capital from accredited investors for the acquisition and development of multi family properties in the Chicago area and are continuing to grow. Tosin also recently released his book titled “Focus On The Fix,” based on his 2018 TedX Talk on seeking out solutions in turbulent times. 

“My company invests in people before a product or service. We look to invest and uplift the communities we serve through our business practices and to yield above average returns for our investors thus participating in rising together,” Tosin states. 

Tosin is able to help others through his passion for architecture and real estate, but this took a lot of focus and a clear vision. In order to be successful, it is important to have a clear direction of what you are seeking to achieve and executing it in a way that is consistent with the idea that led to the initiative in the first place. Maintaining a clear vision can be one of the most difficult challenges for new entrepreneurs, as well as maintaining a good mindset. As Tosin states, 

“I believe that one must have a true understanding that business endeavors aren’t successful overnight. Patience and prudence is extremely important as you will surely run into obstacles and you must not allow those to sway your confidence or motivation. Being mentally strong enough to notice when this is happening is critical.”

Furthermore, new entrepreneurs are many times discouraged when they don’t get the success they first pictured. However, Tosin defines success in a unique way: 

“Success is a state of mind that varies depending on who you talk to. For some, success is money, for some it’s health, and for some it’s a close knit family. For me it is all of the above. Success however should not be seen as a thing to “get”. We should look at the things that we’re happy we experience or happy to have and be grateful with the current state of living, even as we are aspiring to greater heights. With this perspective you can experience different levels of success at every stage of your life.”

To learn more about Tosin Oduwole, make sure to follow him on Instagram here and check out his business, Building AQuisition Partners United