Meet Alan Treviño: The Mexican Entrepreneur and Networker Who Brings Value To People’s Lives Through a Movement

Alan Treviño is an entrepreneur and networker from Monterrey, Mexico, who wanted to become a millionaire since he was very young. Today he runs a movement to help entrepreneurs and investors. 

Alan obtained a scholarship at the Tec of Monterrey and earned a degree in Business Creation and Development. After years of depression and stress due to his lack of money, he got involved in network marketing, which was a business opportunity at the time.

Despite not having enough knowledge about this industry, Alan decided to get involved and gradually began to understand it. Soon after, he entered the world of financial markets and cryptocurrencies, and was able to grow his passion and make his dream come true.

For me this world was the cure for my illness, the cure for poverty. I realized that it was not right to keep it to myself and decided to share the formula with more people, talk to people and show them that there are ways to get out of these difficult situations.” Alan shares.

Now, Alan leads a movement of entrepreneurs and investors to help others with the same motivation he had: not having enough money to do things that he wanted or like he wanted.

Many people think they can not invest because they have no money to do so, my main motivation was that not having money made me realize that I needed to do things differently, I got so tired of having nothing that I bet everything for everything.” Alan explains.

Alan’s business model seeks to solve three main problems that an entrepreneur faces when starting a business: 1) Not having the idea of the business, 2) Not having the capital to start the business, and 3) Not having the knowledge and skills required to launch the business successfully.

It has been a few years since Alan’s beginning, and money is no longer the driving force. He has found purpose in impacting people. He wants to bring value to people’s lives in order to leave a legacy.

My greatest engine and purpose is to impact more people and bring a little value to their lives so that someday when I am no longer in this world, my name can continue to be remembered as a person who really cared about leaving the world better than he found it when he arrived at it.” Alan shares.

To achieve success in business, Alan believes it is necessary to change the mentality because, in his opinion, society educates people for poverty by insisting that the only solution is traditional employment.

This is a proven path to bankruptcy. This is why it becomes very difficult for people to get out of what Kiyosaki calls ‘the rat race.’” He says, and adds, “First, we have to unlearn everything we were taught about money and then create a new mentality that allows us to achieve wealth.”

Society’s image of people imposes limitations making them believe that success is something that only a few can achieve. That is how millions of entrepreneurs fall into self-limiting perspectives and end up ending their dreams.

In the near future, Alan seeks to impact the lives of 20,000 families by teaching them that there is a world full of possibilities and that if they put enough effort, it is possible to achieve what they want.

I always keep looking for new dreamers, new people who feel that life should have something more prepared for them, who were not born to be in an office from 8 to 5 and so I can take them and accompany them on the road.”

Learn more about Alan’s work here.