Swimming With The Sharks: NFT Powerhouse FKN Rich Shark Club Shares Their Secrets To Success In A Booming Industry

Do you want to swim with the sharks or become one? In the booming world of NFTs, there is only one way to answer that question: FKN Rich Shark Club. Founded by entrepreneurs Preston Clarke and Jim Clarke, FKN Rich Shark Club is poised to bridge the gap between online non-fungible tokens and the real world, offering club members access to exclusive NFT drops, limited-edition black metal Rich Visa cards, and NFT-inspired apparel. Billed as an elite network of successful, tech-savvy entrepreneurs, FKN Rich Shark Club is open to those looking to become FKN Rich, building on the explosive boom in NFTs, while merging the power of the blockchain with tangible assets like limited-edition apparel. The opportunities don’t stop there, however, as founder Preston Clarke shared in a recent interview:

“We were inspired to get into this industry because we saw a unique way to position our clothing with crypto and payments by allowing our exclusive technology to pave the way to linking everything together. Our founders Jim Clarke and Preston Clarke had a vision to create this unique position and literally create a new market segment.  The inspiration to have luxury unique clothing combined with technology and digital artwork was the true inspiration.  We are also able to help people all around the world with the good that comes from the FKN Rich Shark Club NFT project.  We will be giving a percentage of all future royalties to ocean-focused charity groups that are working to rid the world’s oceans of garbage.”

A tall order, no doubt, but one that looks increasingly promising as the gap between online blockchains and real-world uses continues to narrow. By tapping into this market gap, Preston and Jim are filling a niche previously unknown to either the NFT or textile industries, with a potentially massive payout for FKN club members. By building their club around other successful entrepreneurs and startup founders, Jim and Preston are leveraging a network-effect orders of magnitude larger than what the “traditional” NFT shop might. Indeed, the FKN Rich Shark Club is an entirely different animal than your typical NFT investment opportunity, especially when it comes to the real world uses available to club members.

“With our background in the payment and credit card space, combining the Rich card with the crypto world only made sense,” Preston shared. “FKN Rich Shark Club is bridging the gap between everyday life and the crypto world. On top of the limited-edition NFTs issued to our early club members, they will also receive one of only 10,000 black metal Rich Visa cards, allowing them to spend their cryptocurrency wherever Visa is already accepted. In addition, early Minters receive 5% royalty for a lifetime, meaning that as the NFT’s value increases, so does your royalty amount!  Club members will also gain exclusive access to private events, networking engagements and FKN Rich branded attire.”

In the already booming world of NFTs, few companies have been able to achieve the exclusivity and rarity of FKN Rich Shark Club in such a short amount of time. Such exclusivity does not mean that member funds are locked up for years at a time, however. In fact, the founders integrated the Rich Visa Card with their platform specifically so sharks would have easy access to crypto, unlocking its everyday potential like never before. Furthermore, FKN’s exclusive clothing brand pairs NFT ownership with super-rare apparel based on the digital art collected and owned by their club members. The result is a three-way product combining NFTs, credit, and apparel like never before.

Speaking to future plans, Preston shares that their “next projects in 2022 will encompass multiple NFT offerings, ranging from new Shark offerings to fresh apparel drops. We will have limited-edition NFT and physical clothing drops allowing individual shark club members the opportunity to wear their artwork in real life, as well as in the metaverse. But we won’t stop there! FKN Rich Shark Club is also coming out with our own handbag line, as well as a very secret project…  What we can say now is that it has to do with your feet. That’s all we can say. We will be expanding the clothing brand to more countries worldwide in the near future.”

Despite his cagey response, Preston has initial investors and club members chomping at the bit to get ahold of FKN’s newest drop, breeding a certain level of exclusivity and secretiveness into every level of the club’s food chain. This exclusive access has continued to pay dividends to early investors, however, as the rarity of their NFTs consistently drive up returns on the Ethereum-backed market. With the potential of blockchains fundamentally altering the way major world industries operate, it’s no surprise that FKN Rich Shark Club is simultaneously shaking up the apparel, credit, and NFT markets in a big way.

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