TickTock Moon – A Cryptocurrency Business That Has Bridged Social Media and Cryptocurrency In A Way You’ve Never Seen Before

TickTock Moon is a Celebrity Marketplace unlike any other fan and celebrity interaction service out there, and unlike any other cryptocurrency. TickTock Moon has a “Celebrity Marketplace,” which allows individuals to be able to redeem their TickTock Moon tokens for a one of a kind experience with some of the biggest celebrities and influencers out there. This includes exclusive experiences that are only available through TickTock Moon, such as making a facetime call to their favorite Instagram model, making a TikTok with their favorite TikTok star, or getting flown out to their favorite artists’ next concert. 

The business was created by Adamm Miguest and Gene Park, both who came from different backgrounds in the entertainment industry. Adamm is a popular internet personality that became famous through his comedic videos on TikTok and appearances on Reality Television. With over 1M followers across his Instagram and TikTok pages, Adamm understands virality like no one else. In addition, Adamm has a BA in International Business from the University of Illinois, which makes him qualified in his field. His influencer based company “Rapid Launch Media,” did over $1 Million Dollars in revenue in its first year, which was during the pandemic. On the other hand, Gene Park is a social media influencer, comedian, actor, and entrepreneur. He has burst onto the scene as one of Hollywood’s top emerging social media entertainers. Having amassed over a total of 400 million views across his social media pages, having run his own social media marketing company, and years in the cryptocurrency industry, Gene intends to use his expertise in social media and cryptocurrency to ensure that TickTock Moon is a success.

“Our goal is to be the best and the biggest celebrity marketplace in the world. Not just in the crypto world, but in the entire world. We want to offer the coolest, most unique experiences ever offered from celebrities to their fans,” state Adamm and Gene. 

Gene and Adamm faced their fair share of doubts and critique as many do when they start a business. Pre launch, TickTock Moon faced many challenges and criticism that a platform like this would not be possible in the crypto world, however, Adamm and Gene continued to believe in this company and will continue to build it day by day. 

“The best advice we can give is just to start. Most people syke themselves out and don’t even start their business because they feel safe at their 9-to-5 job. You have to be willing to fight through the tough times and not give up,” share Adamm and Gene.

While there may be other businesses with similar ideas, TickTock Moon is the only business that connects fans to their favorite celebrities & influencers at such a personal level. Furthermore, they differentiate themselves from any competition because there is really no other product or service out there within the cryptocurrency realm quite like this. Their idea is to sell the most unique experiences that people will enjoy. This year, Adamm and Gene plan to continue building and scaling the business. If everything goes as planned, TickTock Moon will become the best and biggest entertainment business built on the block chain. 

Learn more about TickTock Moon on their website. You can also find Gene Park on Instagram here, as well as Adamm by following this link.