Alex Liddle is the Founder and Creator of Saint, a Cryptocurrency Charity Company that is Changing How Cryptocurrency Charity Works.

Cryptocurrency has been an incredibly hot topic as of late. It has been in the news, is now being accepted by more and more business, and is getting endorsements from top celebrities across the globe. Alex Liddle is one of the many entrepreneurs who has been ahead of the curve in the crypto world. He recently launched his new crypto charity business.

“I launched a charitable cryptocurrency token called SAINT on the Binance Smart Chain. I had a little over two weeks left in my Master’s Degree program at the University of Denver, but I thought I would go ahead and deploy it so I could submit applications for things such as the token’s logo, coin market cap listing, etc because I knew it would take time for those things to be updated. I didn’t want to start marketing the token until all of the aforementioned steps were completed because I wanted it to appear as legitimate as possible. I gathered up what money I had (approximately $300), deployed it, and created a liquidity pool on pancake swap where I backed 1 Quadrillion SAINT tokens with $300 in BNB,” Alex recounts.

Alex did not know what to expect, but his business was found by the world of cryptocurrency 

 seemingly overnight! The next morning he found numerous people looking into and buying Saint tokens. In under three weeks, Saint went from just starting off to a regular name in the cryptocurrency world.

“Seemingly overnight, the crypto community found out about SAINT, and they started buying it and spreading the word of the  token on various social media platforms, namely Telegram. In just under 3 weeks, SAINT has gone from a market cap of a mere  $300 to $600k+. I created SAINT to raise money for children’s charities. So far I have made $45k in donations to two different charities — St Jude Children’s Hospital and Project Sanctuary. What was intended to be a slow growing token has taken the crypto community by storm and the people working to make this project successful have come from the community. A large group of holders have come together, using their own time and money towards this project because they believe in its purpose, helping children,” Alex remarks.

What makes Alex different from others is that he has decidedly found a niche for himself in the cryptocurrency world. Unlike others that make blanket donations and don’t find a spot for themselves, Alex has been able to carve out more opportunities due to his niche.

“Most of the competition, i.e. charitable tokens, make their donations to the binance charity wallet. They haven’t put themselves into a niche. Instead,  they automate the donation process and, as a result, there is no engagement in regards to the charitable aspect of the token. SAINT is different. SAINT manually makes its donations. Furthermore, we have restricted ourselves to a specific niche, children, so the impact we make through our charitable donations will be readily apparent,” Alex states.

To find out all of the charitable donations that Alex and his cryptocurrency company, Saint, is doing, follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.