Shwensdz Dropped Out of College to Become a Musician that Spoke from the Heart. Now, He is Releasing Singles Left and Right Speaking about Powerful Stories. Find Out More Below

Shwensdz is a NY based musician who speaks from the soul and actual lived experience. He was a normal person living trying to make his way through life before he realized his ability in the music world and decided to leave college life to become a musician full time.

“I left university/college to challenge myself as an artist today. I haven’t had too many obstacles in my path yet, but I know I am going to,” Shwensdz explains.

What makes Shwensdz different from the rest is that he speaks out about his life and experiences while giving advice to those who need it. His previous song that came out he describes as a word of advice to people of this generation. His skill and talent also comes through on this song. The studio that works with Shwensdz rates him as one of their top song artists due to this evident talent that comes through his lyrics and his flow.

“Last year I did my single track “Barky Back” to give advice to the generation to know that whoever left you when things turn bad, never give up your dream. You can conquer whatever challenge comes your way. Either way, you will make it with or without that person,” Shwensdz states.

His new song, “Mon3y Play” ft girls in the hood is an homage to the millions of women out there who are doing what they need to help make ends meet in order to support their families. This is something that hits home from Shwensdz and something he wants to show is not a stigma, but rather something that takes a lot of fortitude in life.

“Life of young girls in the hood depends on money. It is a way of supporting their young girls who live a hard life surviving. If dancing, being a stripper or getting down for money is their only way out to help them raise their kids, then there’s no need to criticize the life they are living to pay their bills. whoever dislikes you, they can either deal with it or live with it. Money brings a peace of mind that controls our universe,” Shwensdz remarks.

Shwensdz’s advice to those wishing to start their own business is to just begin. No matter what money they have in their pocket, big or small things can make a business happen. Shwensdz did not start out rich and was not making millions when he began his business, but eventually, he made it work through his hardwork and dedication, but you have to begin to make it happen.

A business can start with $3, but it depends on how you are going to manage it to make $8. In life, whatever you start, never give up. Sometimes you have to lose to bring better results in the end. Keep investing in yourself; keep investing in your career to be somebody someday,” Shwensdz advises. 

With amazing new songs, music videos, and much more coming out from Shwensdz, you can look forward to a lot more storytelling and incredible beats from this musician. To find out more about Shwensdz, you can follow him on Instagram here and check out his website here.