How This Entrepreneur Turned His Life Around and Became His Own Boss

Trevor Cowley grew up in a household where the struggle was to keep the lights on and put food on the table. 

One of his earliest childhood memories was watching his Mom try to hold it together while she begged the city council to turn the power back on. He struggled in school, mainly getting D’s and F’s. From early on, his teachers planted the idea in his head that he wasn’t smart enough, and for the rest of his school career, the school system reinforced those beliefs.

It wasn’t until almost a year after finishing high school that Trevor was introduced to the world of sales. His friend told him about this job he had where he was making anywhere from  $1,000-$2,000 a week. Trevor couldn’t believe this. He figured he had nothing to lose, and decided to give it a shot.

As it turns out, Trevor was really good at sales. 

Not long after starting his new job, a couple of his coworkers told him about these pills they were taking on a regular basis. They said these pain pills would make him feel good, but more importantly they would help him get into an unstoppable “sales zone.” Trevor was 19 at the time and he just wanted to do what the big guys were doing. 

“It’s enough to say that after that first pill I discovered the rabbit hole was deep, and it sucked me in. It stripped me of all my values and I ended up a full-blown heroin junkie pretty quickly,” He remembers.

After a long struggle with addiction, Trevor was able to overcome it with the help of his family. 

“It was a terrible experience. Even though I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone, I believe it helped shape me into a stronger person,” He says.

After Trevor got clean, he went back into sales, but he made sure it was a healthy environment. He chose a company that did drug testing so that he didn’t put himself around others who were using substances. 

When he was finally finding his own success again, he met his now business partners and started working with them. When Trevor took over the ownership and operations role, the business accomplished a $700k turnaround. This was exhilarating giving that the previous year they had lost $200k. The business still continues to do well to this day. Since then, they have started other businesses together and continue to invest in new projects. Their main focus is Easier Accounting. They are changing the  quality service business owners can expect within the accounting industry. 

Trevor and his three other partners owned two businesses and couldn’t find a firm that was affordable and that provided good communication. If they found a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or an accountant that was good, they were always too expensive. If they found one that was more affordable, their work was bad.

They jumped from CPA to CPA and from accountant to accountant. This was until they  realized the accounting industry had some pretty big gaps that needed to be filled. If they couldn’t find what they needed as entrepreneurs, that meant other entrepreneurs were facing the same issues.

“Who better to know how to serve a business own than a business owner? Who better than us? Essentially, we are the end customer and we know all the holes in the industry so who better to fix them?” Trevor remarks.

Taking a reactive approach to solving the issue, Trevor and his partners built Easier Accounting, a proactive firm that helps educate business owners on cool business deductions. If the business owner wants to apply them, they help them to implement the strategy.   

For Trevor, what drove him into this world of entrepreneurship was the hard time he had when he was starting to work.

 “I got clean right before I turned 24. By the time I turned 27, I had saved $30k. I invested that money into the company I was working for and I become one of the owners. I am still partnered with the same people today,” He says. 

Trevor is now managing all the social media for Easier Accounting. You can find him giving business advice or doing motivational videos on their Instagram platform (@realbusinessowners), which has grown to almost 30k followers in less than 5 months.

Currently, Trevor’s goal is to continue building Easier Accounting. So whether you’re getting started in the field of entrepreneurship or you’ve been at it for a while, Trevor Cowley is the type of entrepreneur you should be following.