How Roy Taylor Found Value in the Gaps of the Tech World

It’s not everyday you meet people as successful & humbled as Roy Taylor.

Speaking with him just for a few minutes, will leave you intrigued on his projects and how he’s been able to accomplish so much.

Roy started out selling software for $30 dollars to signing multiple six-figure contracts to fully building platforms, all without any education or guidance in the field. 

Since he was a child, the serial entrepreneur was fascinated by video and computer games, the internet, and automation. Even though his parents used to tell him that there was no future in the tech world, he continued to get immersed in it. 

During college, Roy noticed a trend emerging in SaaS (“software as a service”) companies. They were making hundreds and hundreds of dollars, which made Roy think about building one of those software himself. 

The entrepreneur formally got involved in the tech industry in his junior year in college in 2015. Since then, he has built a team of over eight highly professional and motivated developers and designers, which make up his company: M Labs.

Like any business, there were challenges since the beginning. For Roy his biggest challenge was scaling softwares and apps.

“Whether it is an e-commerce store, a SaaS company, or an app, scaling is an important piece for a business such as branding, infrastructure, marketing and collaborations,” he says.

But what helped Roy the most through it all is the idea that investing in himself was important. He emphasizes, “as a result of my personal brand, I am able to leverage myself to get better partnerships, deals, and staff to help me accomplish the pieces that make up a business way faster!”

Today, Roy sees the world moving into a new age of automation. He notices that less and less is required by humans, while more and more is expected from machinery and software. Because of this, Roy believes that entrepreneurs should look into new services that can be automated for clients. He also thinks that developers should look into specializing in unique fields. Consider the fact that everyone already uses applications on a daily basis, and that they are, as Roy says, “seamlessly integrated into each of our lives.” 

And when it comes to the future and the trends ahead, Roy doesn’t mince words:

“There’s no question that the future will be heavily influenced by facial recognition, implementation of the 5G network, and automated cars and trucks,” he shares.

With so much success in such a short amount of time, Roy is currently focusing on his iOS app design and development firm M Labs, where he is in a unique position– he is not working for a paycheck, instead he hired his team to develop projects with long-term scalability in mind and good partnerships. And if there’s one thing that Roy teaches us, it’s the importance of getting started & following your dreams, no matter how big they might seem at first.