How Justin Cuevas Turned The Pandemic Into An Opportunity For Positive Growth For His New Delivery Application

While the pandemic came at a disruptive point for many businesses, for Justin Cuevas, it came and provided an incredible opportunity for growth. 

Justin began his business, BiBworks Express, right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The mobile application provides users with an all-in-one premium delivery solution for everything from grocery, food, errands, and parcels for customers based in and near Irvine, California. 

Justin decided to venture into the mobile and delivery business after years of experience running a business in a different industry. 

“My first business venture was in a different industry. It was more on offering apparel, luxury shoes, and exotic car rental. This experience has given me an opportunity to see how people value quality and premium products and services. It’s easy to say, it has motivated me to explore more,” Justin recalls. 

After finding success in the retail space, Justin wanted to ensure he was the most prepared to continue running his own business. He enrolled in Humphreys University in California and graduated Cum Laude from their Business Administration program. While studying, Justin again proved that he was never far from being his own boss, as he founded a company that dealt with the distribution of essential PPE, as well as became a part-owner of a luxury hotel in the Philippines.

“These business ventures were a huge shift from luxury offerings to the essential needs sector. However, the business models used in these industries, primarily hinged on Innovation and Customer Service, gave me a different view on how to approach things. The multitude of experiences given to me by these ventures encouraged me to bring BiBworks Express to life,” Justin outlines. 

Founding his new business that offers at home delivery right before the pandemic may have been dumb luck, but Justin points out that it took years to develop an application that can do everything for a consumer in the comfort of their homes. Throughout development, Justin kept improving BiBworks’ user experience at the forefront of his goals. 

“How did we manage it all? Through our commitment to becoming the beacon of hope for stakeholders. Our Erand Experts and customers had BiBWorks to pull them through the pandemic, and it continues to do so. Through us, they have more time with their families, and customers can have continued access to an all-in-one-delivery solution to address even their most pressing needs,” Justin outlines. 

In addition to commitment, Justin finds that in the wake of the digital era and the thrust to a new normal, entry and continuous learning and unlearning of things are very important. This is the main reason why Justin and his company have done several improvements to the application over time.

“We want to make sure that it will better serve and improve the lives of our customers and potential clients. We now have launched a better design, experience, and improved products and services for the app. I’m proud of every milestone I have achieved and every business I’ve had thus far. I know how important these experiences have been, and this has allowed me to expand my horizon and do better,” Justin says. 

Beyond the success he sees for his own business, Justin also keeps the world view in mind, especially in these unprecedented times. Even before the pandemic, Justin has always pursued ventures that focus on problem solving and improving his customers’ lives in many aspects. 

“Now more than ever, I want them to be empowered as a consumer to have premium access to everything they need, easily and safely, and also for drivers and small businesses to thrive in my network,” Justin says. 

Within the next year, Justin has a lot of exciting opportunities to look forward to, including the launch of many different versions of the BiBworks Express application. 

BiBworks is available for download in the Apple App store and the Google Play store.