A Dreamer Turned First Generation College Student And Businessman, Brandon Young Is Already On The Cutting Edge Of The Entrepreneurial World

Brandon Young is not your typical entrepreneur. In addition to being a trailblazer within his family–becoming the first in his family to attend college–he truly believes that he and his dreams can change the world.

“I had a crazy idea that I could change the world from the perspective of many that look like me,with similar backgrounds as me. My ultimate goal and motivation is to help others.  In life growing up, I learned that there were less fortunate individuals in communities that were overlooked and needed help and motivation. From then on,  I have worked and continue to work to become the motivation and example these communities need.  

In corporate America, there are employees that are left out of growth opportunities because he/she do not fit the outdated HR models put in place by those that have come and gone. For example many roles and rate of pay are weighted heavily on years of experience and age and less on whether or not the individual can actually perform the work. Lastly, there are corporations that need companies to be innovative to keep up with the rising demand for technology. We are motivated by our ability to help others personally and professionally regardless of his/her social economic status. We are all humans at the end of the day” Brandon explains.

Now, Brandon Young is the owner and CEO of YMC better known as Young Management and Consulting. Here, Brandon helps out other companies minimize risk and manage large projects amongst other services.

“YMC is a small, certified disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) founded in 2015—specializing in strategic project management and controls, sourcing/procurement, construction management, and software development services. YMC helps companies successfully minimize safety risks, reduce costs, enhance revenue, and increase profits while keeping their business objectives in mind. We have deep expertise in handling large-scale capital projects primarily focused on the energy sector, especially utilities and gas infrastructure space, with a goal to grow into being a full turnkey provider,” says Brandon Young, President and CEO at Young Management & Consulting. Whether it’s the need for turnkey solutions or staff augmentation for project management, project controls and construction management, YMC has the capacity to lead them all. “We are keenly focused on innovation and lean continuous improvement in everything we do, which is a significant value add for our clients,” emphasizes Young.

“Our differentiator is that we are a certified MBE that truly understands the work and clients in our industry, we are structured like larger organizations yet agile like smaller companies. We take the risk small companies are typically more apprehensive about and we are more flexible in our approach than most large corporations. We are very “Navy Seals like” Brandon comments.

Brandon is not going to change the way he does things anytime soon. His hard work has been paying off and his company was given the opportunity to work on a couple of major projects that he is incredibly proud of. In addition, his 2021 has already started off right by being named one of ten firms to watch out for in 2021.

“We have been awarded the 2 opportunities to develop technology solutions to solve parking issues and ticketing issues from two different clients, respectively.

Additionally, our clients in the energy and infrastructure space have asked us to support their Project Management, Project Controls Supply Chain and Engineering oversight needs. We have 12 clients across the country that we are now supporting,” Brandon details.

To find out more about Brandon, you can follow him on Linkedin here and check out his website here.