Adam Jablin Shares Why Building Your Faith Is More Important Now Than Ever

Adam Jablin is a renowned performance and life coach, Recovery Mentor, corporate consultant, and keynote speaker. He has utilized his unique gift to relate to others to create an impact in the lives of others by leading them towards a more joyful life. Adam uses his personal experiences with his battles with alcoholism in the past to help others become the heroes of their own lives. He not only helps many who are going through similar struggles with addiction, but also mentors individuals from all walks of life including leaders in the fields of healthcare, psychology, entertainment, sports, business, and politics, as well as everyday folks. Adam runs The Hero Project, #1 best selling transformational program, which is tailored to meet the needs of each individual client, so that they can break free from addictions, faulty dependencies, fears, doubt, and anxiety. 

Mental health has been a huge issue during the Covid-19 pandemic, and Adam has been especially helpful to many during this time. As a life coach, Adam considers faith to be an important factor of anyone’s path toward creating a better version of their life. Personally, Adam has seen people acquire more faith and spirituality during these tough times, but has also seen people lose their faith and loved ones, crawling into depression, anxiety, addictions, and alcoholism. As a coach, Adam helps clients to work through these tough emotions and look at fears objectively. When people look at their past, they usually realize that they have gone through worse situations, even though the emotions may be stronger. Adam helps individuals “purge” these emotions and bring them to the light, then help them change their mindset. 

“Combine proper mindset with healthy emotional stability and a real faith—YOU BECOME SUPERMAN!,” says Adam. 

For Adam, the best way to face a crisis is by putting everything on the table and confronting it. Crises, such as the pandemic, produce fear, which for Adam stands for “Face Everything and Recover.” Hence, in order to get through a crisis, you need to bring your fears into the light and, with faith, make decisions from higher and holy reality.  During lockdown, Adam faced this challenge by staying true to his faith. He prayed three times a day, meditated a minimum of 20 minutes a day, and exercised 5 days a week. Additionally, he faced his fears by sharing them with his mentor, and worked through his struggles to make this a period of awakening and new beginnings. 

“Faith without works is dead. Meaning we have to take the hard and spiritual actions in tough times in order to grow a twenty-four a day Faith!,” states Adam. 

While this pandemic brought about many challenges, Adam does think that it has strengthened people’s faith and that people are beginning to see the light as things are going back to “normal.” We are blessed to have access to vaccines. Summer camps, community centers, and schools are opening. People are slowly transitioning to wearing less masks and having less fear. As Adam shares, “We are seeing the RECOVERY which means faith is not blind!!

“I believe the struggles and torture from the pandemic and the slow and consistent RECOVERY is bringing all os us to the ONE TRUE GOD, as we understand him,” says Adam. 

The pandemic has taught all of us something. In fact, it has come with a great spiritual lesson – to be in the moment and truly take it one day at a time. During tough times, it is important that we turn to healthy practices such as prayer, meditation & mindfulness, exercise, journaling, or talking to a loved one. 

“Jesus said, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” (Matthew 6:34),” shares Adam.  

If you’re feeling down and are looking to feel more empowered and hopeful, Adam’s best tip, while it may sound silly, is to visualize the best! “Prepare for the worst, but visualize the best. Say a prayer. Clear your mind–and take MASSIVE ACTION!,” states Adam. 

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