International Speaker and Coach Tera Carissa Hodges Expands Her Reach Through Empowerment Products These Holidays

A world renowned speaker, coach, and entrepreneur, Tera Carissa Hodges has been building an empowerment empire since 2006. Since initially launching her empowerment endeavors, she has coached over 10,000 women in over 25 countries and has spoken on over 100 platforms throughout the US, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, and Africa. Her business is focused on empowering people, personalities, and brands through multiple forms including media, online teachings, coaching, e-books, conferences, and more. 

“Seeing so many faith based professionals “stuck,” not where they want to be, not having a vision for how to get there, and not knowing how to evolve and reinvent themselves to get them where they want to be is what motivated me to start my business. All of my clients have dreams, but dreams have to become ideas, then actionable steps you take for them to become a reality,” shares Tera about her motivation to get started with her business. 

From being an internationally known empowerment speaker, to 7 figure earning empowerment coach, Tera has also now expanded her influence to unique empowerment products. As such,  Tera has partnered with Culture Greetings to  launch 10 holiday cards within their breakthrough and empowerment line. Culture Greetings is a female and Black-owned greeting card brand, where customers can pick a card online and customize it with a personalized message. The cards will then be sent directly to the recipient via postal mail or to any Walgreens location within the 50 states for same-day pick-up. Available through Culture Greetings, Tera’s cards are all about empowering women, and are meant to speak to life’s events and circumstances – break ups, job loss, and more. 

“I help people heal from their past by embracing their past and pain and seeing it as purposeful. Everyone has made mistakes, been lied to, endured unfair treatment, etc. But, when you own your story, your story can never own you,” states Tera. 

By tapping into her faith and getting clear on her purpose, Tera Carissa Hodges has been able to grow her empowerment business to meet the needs of different people. Tera has gone from leading conferences, to launching her 

one-on-one coaching business, to then building LR Global Media Group, a PR and media services company. All of Tera’s endeavors lead to empowering others in life and business, and providing them with resources to overcome all obstacles. Tera continues to expand her reach through multiple outlets, helping the masses redesign their lives using faith based principles. 

Learn more about Tera Carissa Hodges by visiting her website and following her on Instagram here. Don’t forget to check out her Culture Greetings cards here, for a customized holiday card experience.