Shawnte Mckinnon Provides Entrepreneurs With Tailored Solutions That Make Their Businesses Triumph

Mckinnon Strategic Consulting Group is owned and led by a powerful woman, Shawnte Mckinnon – a veteran of the United States Air Force, Media Personality, Author, Minister, and Contributing Writer. With over 15 years of professional experience in the financial sector, Shawnte has worked in very diverse roles in the accounting, operations and financial sphere. She has extensive experience in grants, accounting, finance and operations, and has worked in the private, nonprofit, and corporate sectors.

As you may be able to tell from her multiple titles and experience, Shawnte is the type of woman that doesn’t give up. While life has thrown her many curve balls, she has remained persistent, and with the help of God, been able to come out of all challenges victorious. Her experience in diverse roles allowed Shawnte to gain a vast amount of knowledge on the key factors that help organizations and individuals succeed. This knowledge, coupled with her entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial spirit, motivated her to come up with a solution for many businesses, especially during the tough times brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

“Many businesses were not prepared for those challenges that came with the pandemic and unfortunately were not able to survive. As a consequence, many businesses permanently closed in the last quarter of 2020. I knew my business is positioned to help organizations get beyond these types of crises, both predictable and unpredictable crises,” shares Shawnte. 

Mckinnon Strategic Consulting Group is a consulting firm that provides tailored business strategies for entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and corporations. The business centers their strategies on the operations, accounting, and financials of an organization to strengthen the core of their client’s business to promote sustainable growth and revenue retention. They provide these services through consulting and coaching and prepare their clients to have a transient advantage within their business to stay competitive. In this manner, they can keep skin in the game in any economic climate. 

Starting your own business can be scary, however, this is part of the process. If you believe that you have something to offer to others, especially something that will help enrich people’s lives, you need to keep going. This was the case for Shawnte Mckinnon. Despite the obstacles she encountered, Shawnte embraced her identity as a disruptor, and continued to perform in the spirit of excellence. 

“Do it scared! There will be times that fear will creep in, do it anyway. Tune off the doubters and naysayers. Your tribe, audience and/or clients are out there and they are waiting for you. Keep going! Accept the failures, learn from them and apply what you have learned to benefit yourself and others,” says Shawnte. 

If she had let herself be blinded by fear, Shawnte would not be where she is today. Through her consulting and coaching business, Shawnte is making an impact in the business world by helping burgeoning entrepreneurs get their feet wet. She is bridging economic gaps and bringing experts together from around the world to help business owners and executives scale their business on a global level. 

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