ReDress the First Scalable Digital and Environmentally Conscious Clothing Swapping Platform in the United States enters Growth Mode

Miami, Florida – Today, ReDress, a latina-run, women-led operation that works to reduce our carbon footprint by providing environmentally-conscious clothing exchange services, announced it is scaling their operations in the United States. ReDress, founded by Latina entrepreneur Rossanna Ceccato has been accelerated by Founders Institute and the WIN lab program at Babson College. 

Clothing mass production, especially considering today’s demand to come up with several different collections in a given year, has led to an increasing number of garments ending up in landfills. This is unfortunate as 95% of what today is considered fashion waste could have been used, reused, recycled or repurposed. 

ReDress is on a mission to give a second life to part of the nine billion garments that hang in closets in the United States today. In my TedX talk ‘Change the world one dress at a time,’ I invite people to realize and be conscious of the grave environmental problems that ReDress and others are trying to address.” Rossanna Ceccato, the Chief Executive Officer of ReDress states, and adds, “We are convinced ReDress will change the way people consume fashion. ReDress has the ambitious goal to be in the closets of 74 Million people in the United States sooner than you think.”

ReDress also tackles another issue, becoming a real alternative for people who often struggle to find stylish, high-quality but yet afordable clothing to diversify their wardrobes. In available digital exchange apps, it can take months for a swap to happen, and the condition in which the clothes are received may be very different from those claimed by the original owner.

Taking into account the current second hand trading platforms shortcomings, ReDress presents itself as the first scalable clothing swapping site in the United States, designed to renew people’s wardrobe using their own clothes as currency.

“ReDress allows for immediate exchanges thanks to an ever growing inventory constantly fed and renewed with the pieces of its users. In ReDress, all clothing items that are sent to our community of users are verified by a team that ensures they meet our standards. With ReDress clients obtain certified pieces of the same or even more value to the ones they are sending us.” Rossanna Ceccato explains.

ReDress allows people to recoup up to 90 percent of the value of their original clothes, in a similar priced garment. Additionally, for every million pieces exchanged, ReDress will help reduce 11 thousand tons of carbon dioxide and save its users more than 80 million dollars by preferring quality second hand clothing.

“Clothes will not change the world, but the people that wear them will.” Rosanna Ceccato states. 

After a successful beta launch in Florida back in August 2021 and having organically nailed more than eight thousand signups, one thousand swaps and seventeen thousand followers in social media, ReDress is ready to unveil its version 2.0 with an enhanced user experience and to rapidly grow and expand into new markets in the US such as New York and California. 

Find out more about this startup with a purpose here.