Putting Teachers and Students at the top of the Priority List! Find Out More Below about how The Jeremy Anderson Group, LLC Has Dedicated Their Business to Giving Back to Teachers and Students.

To say this past year has been difficult is an understatement! Teachers were challenged with navigating virtual classrooms that they had to constantly adapt to. With insufficient time to change and strapped resources, teachers were left feeling exhausted, overworked, and overwhelmed. Even with schools being back in person, there are a number of new hurdles and considerations that make the day-to-day job far more challenging than usual.

However, teachers are not alone in feeling stretched last year. The students also carried the burden of being forced to pivot and adjust quickly. The vast majority of students found themselves left to stare at a screen all day without adequate resources in addition to the lack of the social aspect of school to help keep them afloat.

The Jeremy Anderson Group, LLC is trying to provide some relief to both teachers and students after so many months of a different style classroom. The group focuses on motivational speaking that connects to both students and teachers to motivate them to continue on with their dreams even when obstacles get in the way. The staff professional development for educators is one that will have them laughing, crying and feeling inspired. The students, on the other hand, can relate to a group that has gone through similar situations and struggles and been able to get through it all.

In addition to the motivational speaking and training that the Jeremy Anderson Group, LLC does for schools, their company also created a K-12 Character Curriculum called, Next Level Student. Their (SEL) Social Emotional Learning Curriculum has been a different kind of curriculum for schools all across America that connects both the education aspect and the motivation/emotive aspect that Jeremy Anderson Group, LLC provides.

What differentiates Anderson Group, LLC is that they are telling both students and teachers about their personal stories. This creates something that people can relate to and connect with as well as see what worked for them to get through these difficult times. They feel as though they can walk into any school and connect with anyone based on their shared experiences.

There Jeremy Anderson Group, LLC was founded by their namesake, Jeremy Anderson. Jeremy struggled academically for many years both due to a learning disability and teachers not believing in his ability. Finally, he found people who believed in him, and he wanted to dedicate his life doing the same for others.

“I struggled a lot throughout my life. There was the absence of my biological father, a diagnosis of ADHD, repeated failure in school, Drug & Alcohol Abuse, drug dealing, and repeated arrest.  By the grace of God, I eventually got my act together. After my 3rd school for the 9th grade, I came across a group of teachers who refused to give up on me. I soon caught up with my right grade, became a part of the student government, and graduated from high school on time. I then went to college and got a bachelor’s degree in Social Work, then I went on to graduate school, and got a Masters Degree,” Jeremy explains.

Now Jeremy and his team are excited to spend their lives reaching out and bettering the lives of educators and students alike. Their goal for the end of 2021 and the start of 2022 is to help develop another generation of motivational speakers. To find out more about the Jeremy Anderson Group, LLC, check out their website here.