Pascal Bachmann Has Trained and Educated Many High Performers to Grow Successful Businesses: Here are His Seven Tips

Today, we live in a dynamic and changing world in constant evolution in all areas of life, such as social, economic, political, and entertainment. People have developed new ways to collaborate between them, to relate, to work. What some years ago was not considered as a way of working or a source of work, is now considered by many people as a way to promote their ideas, their businesses, and to undertake what they need to become great entrepreneurs who impact the lives of many people and make this world a better place.

One such person is Pascal Bachman, an entrepreneur and life and business strategist, who focuses on training and educating high performers with the necessary tools to create successful businesses. In his long road full of experiences and success, he offers us seven tips that everyone should follow to create a successful business in 2021.

1- Be Healthy: It may sound like something obvious but many people focus on achieving their goals and neglect their health. If a person is considering to face the obstacles that come their way and does not have a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing, then everything will be an uphill battle. 

Give your body what it needs and create the healthy vehicle you need to succeed. Everything will get tough and you need to be in the best condition to win the battles that an entrepreneur faces. Only with a healthy body and mind will you be able to generate long-term sustainable success. So, be aware and do something on all 5 levels of your wellbeing: Physical Wellbeing, Mental Wellbeing, Emotional Wellbeing, Spiritual Well Being, Social Wellbeing.Pascal explains.

2- Love what you do, and do what you love: How many times have you seen that there are people who want to achieve success and get stuck and frustrated because they do not do what they love and therefore do not love what they do? How many young people, following the wishes of their parents, study something they do not want and then live frustrated in their professional career. 

Only if you love what you do will you get the kind of progress that satisfies you in the long run. What you do should be a combination of your passion, your talents and what the market wants. It can be a product and/or a service that solves a problem for people and/or an institution.Pascal states.

3- Having the right mindset: this point is one of the most important! If the person wants to succeed, they must believe in themself. If they do not believe in themself, no one will believe in them and therefore they will not be able to effectively communicate ideas, dreams and definitely will not be able to lead a group of people.

You have to believe in yourself and in your ability to change your story, and make your vision become your reality. You are the author of your business, just as you are the author of your life. Therefore, it is crucial to have a clear business map. Know where you are and be clear about where you want to go.” Pascal says.

4- Be an example and a leader: A leader is a person who leads their followers on a safe path to the indicated destination, but to do that, they must also demonstrate their leadership by example.

“As a leader, you inspire and empower others to be more effective in their field. Your job is to LEAD the company. Make sure you communicate your vision, your purpose and your passion. It is your identity, your signature, the reason you created the company and therefore it is crucial that everyone and everything you and/or your team does, carries this frequency and clarity. Pascal remarks.

5- Connect and have an effective strategy: Always start with your goal in mind and no matter what strategy you choose, accomplish that goal! 

“If you know where you want to go and where you are now, you can create a strategy that aligns with your identity, your values and the reason you decided to start your business. Constantly move to the next level and develop the mindset that will lead you to your next steps, and ultimately to your Vision. If you are not yet online, I strongly encourage you to build on that area. Strategic focus on the future is important. Make a plan, but be flexible if necessary.” Pascal advises.

6- Create a positive work environment and build a team: A business or a company is not something that one person can create easily or quickly; there will always be some part of the business where the person does not have enough experience and therefore it is better to have the right people to help manage each part of the business. This way, you move faster as a collective.

“If you want your business to grow, you need support. Build a team with the skills you need and that fits your overall vision. You can’t be a master at strategy development, marketing, social media, sales, customer service and everything else that goes into a business and do it all by yourself. Increase business productivity by hiring employees or freelancers.” Pascal exclaims.

7- Analyze and optimize: Data is important and constantly making things work better is important. As Pascal says: “You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Learn from your experience, listen to customer feedback, study the competition, know your numbers! If you have created the right team, you have people who will implement your instructions and improve what needs to be improved. Optimization is a very important toll to reach the next level. Sometimes small changes can make ‘the’ big difference.”

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