Meet Rising Mogul and Serial Entrepreneur D’Andre Moorefield, CEO of Social Hubb

D’Andre Moorefield is a self-made entrepreneur who availed and transformed diverse industries throughout the years. His journey to success was not easy, as he faced roadblocks such as depression and financial hardships along the way. Nevertheless, D’Andre utilized those roadblocks to his advantage and turned his challenges into opportunities to become the successful man he is today. 

“The person you see today is a person that has faced many obstacles, insecurities, loss, & hardship. He’s someone who is always trying to optimize himself to the fullest of his ability. And I believe that identifying and understanding these issues, is the reason why I am where I am today”

D’Andre learned that the most valuable life lesson is maintaining positive habits, decisions, and behaviors in your daily life. You have to understand that success can be achieved within a journey and not the end position. Trusting in yourself, practicing gratitude, and keeping a goal-oriented mindset will completely shift your journey toward success. 

Currently, D’Andre is the CEO of Social Hubb- a digital photo booth company that emerged as an industry leader in entertainment solutions. D’Andre curated this service because he knows firsthand what it feels like to have the best night of your life and not remember if you captured that perfect moment. Social Hubb creates a customized memorable solution to capture those perfect moments in unique ways. Not knowing where the night takes you with your friends and loved ones happens to everyone. Having those moments preserved and looking back at them, however, is the best feeling in the world.

“I was out at a bar with a few of my good friends and in the corner of the bar, there was an extremely bright ring light that caught my attention. At first, I didn’t know it was a photo booth. I walked over, examined it, and started taking a few pictures. I sent the pictures to myself and continued with my evening. The next morning, I woke up and pretty much had no idea what happened the night before after 6 PM. The only thing that brought my memory back to me were the pictures I took at that cool photo booth the night before,” 

From that moment, Social Hubb was conceptualized. Now Social Hubb offers three different types of experiences. First is the 360 booth, where you stand on a platform and a camera gets every inch and every angle. Perfect for boomerangs and GIFs to post on social media. Second is the magic mirror with touchscreen technology that communicates with users through graphics, voices, and fun animations. This is the easiest way to capture your crazy poses with friends and make your venue memorable. Last but not least is the halo photo booth that comes with an iPad and a ring light which takes a more quirky and modern approach. 

D’Andre’s success is thanks to his friends, family, and loved ones. Throughout his journey, they were proud of his shrewdness as an entrepreneurial mogul and supportive of him every step of the way. With the right mindset and support system in place, anyone can become successful. To where D’Andre is headed, is nothing but up. 

To find out more about D’Andre and Social Hubb, follow him on Instagram here and check out his website here.