Meet David DeCelle: The Former Financial Advisor and Entrepreneur Behind Model FA, a Consulting Firm That is Helping Financial Advisors Succeed

David DeCelle is a successful entrepreneur, speaker and consultant for the financial services industry. From a very young age, he has been focused on redefining what success is for his family and making sure that future generations have the tools they need to have a life focused on serving others.

David is the president of Model FA, a consulting firm for financial advisors. Alongside his team, David serves individual advisors as well as $2B+ RIAs and fund companies throughout the industry, helping them with branding, marketing, business development, practice management, and client service and experience.

“The training and development techniques that worked in the past simply aren’t effective for Millennials and Gen Z advisors. Financial planning firms and individual advisors must adapt and change how they do business.” David shares.

As a former financial advisor, David is on a mission to redefine how financial planning firms and advisors succeed. Although he is motivated by the idea of making money and putting it to work, he is ultimately driven by the desire to help others succeed.

“The drive to help others succeed is in my DNA. Raised in a middle-class household, I knew at an early age that I wanted to re-define success for my generation of the family. Making money was a big motivation — but knowing how to put money to work was my main goal. That’s why I chose to become a financial advisor. And I’ve never looked back.” David explains, and says. “I’m a compulsive learner, the guy who cares the most, and one of the hardest workers you will ever meet. I love nothing more than acquiring layers of life-enhancing knowledge – from social media strategies to self-actualization – and sharing it to help others grow and succeed. My most treasured moment is watching a financial advisor fall in love with the business again.”

As a consultant, David helps $2BB+ advisory firms evolve next-level success strategies and retain top talent. As a coach, he works with entrepreneurial financial advisors to define their brand, focus on growth, and optimize social media to reach more ideal clients. 

Moreover, as a leader, David believes that there are three drivers of team success: empowerment, innovation, and gratitude. Seeing there was a void in the industry and a need to redefine how advisors learn and grow their businesses, Model FA got to work. 

Others in the marketplace were not keeping up with today’s digital environment and therefore there was a need for my services.” He says.

Model FA team members have decades of experience in the financial industry and have been able to help over 300 advisors find their unique value proposition and use effective strategies.

“The Model FA equips entrepreneurial financial advisors with tools to transform their businesses. From our strategic coaching program to our strategic marketing and practice management resources we’ll help you accelerate every aspect of your growth. In the end, you’ll get more time to spend on what matters most: impacting your clients’ financial future.” Reads the Model FA website.

After having gone on a path that led him to success, David has been able to identify his own recommendations or advice for people who are trying to grow their business or brands. 

Find someone who is where you want to be and ask them for help. Always be learning and work to master yourself, your discipline, and your consistency.” David adds. “If you can’t master your mind, you can’t master anything else. It’s important to always be reading/listening to books and podcasts so you can be a perpetual learner. In 2020, I read 170 books and in 2021, I have a goal of reading 200.”

Upcoming projects for David include continuing to build Model FA, helping more financial advisors, and doubling their revenue through organic growth and M&A. Learn more about this here.