Matt Footner is Making a Passive Income Lifestyle Accessible to All. Find Out More Below.

For many people, the current pandemic has given them a clean slate. With free time on their hands while being mostly indoors, many people have been able to concentrate on their hobbies, create new ideas, and even start new businesses. This is the case for Matt Footner. During his newfound freetime in the past couple of months, he has been able to start his own business.

“At the beginning of covid, I formed a business producing individual Forex trading BOTs. The business started from my kitchen table in Tokyo at the start of lockdown. The BOTs were producing above high monthly returns and I started selling these individual BOTs via facebook advertisements. Pretty soon, I was selling multiple BOTs and as the global lockdowns got tighter, people were looking for more ways to make their cash go further,” Matt remarks.

However great Matt’s new business was, he was upfront that it came with high risks. Though people were investing, he knew that it was not without danger that it could all come crashing down. He turned his entrepreneurial spirit to find new ways to mitigate that risk to make sure that people were investing safely.

“A Global Top 10 Forex brokerage approached me with a view to regulating our product and therefore allow people to invest in a fund like structure (Multi Account Manager- MAM). Doing it this way allows for the risk of clients capital to be heavily reduced whilst still producing very attractive returns. We launched the fund January 6, 2021 with just 90k USD and by the end of the month had 250k invested and returned 22%. We now have nearly 5 million USD invested and average returns since launch 21.5% per month,” Matt explains.

Not only has Matt been able to help others gain financial freedom, but he has also gained financial freedom himself. Making a passive income should be reserved for a select group of people, and Matt wants to make sure everyone has the opportunity to do just that.

“Passive income lifestyle has become a buzz phrase among the younger generation. However, why should it be restricted to the under 30’s. As a 50yr old, I believe the opportunities available to all of us now have never been greater. Building a multi million dollar business has never been this easy. I thought I was getting into this to generate a modest passive income, I’m now able to live my version of a passive income lifestyle due to covid, the internet and my laptop,” Matt states.

Though Matt is enjoying the high life and finally doing what he wants, that does not mean he is going to stop cranking out new ideas and making waves as an entrepreneur. In fact, he has lots of new projects coming up for the rest of the year.

“I’m starting a Youtube channel, interviewing other people that have launched a biz during covid with the aim to show that covid has produced some amazing opportunities rather than just the doom that we read and see. I’m also putting together a tokenized property business. Clients are producing profits in the fund and want to invest in projects that aren’t on the same high risk scale. Again, I don’t need to build a tokenized platform as with a little research; I’ve got the product ready and now looking for suitable properties that fit in with ethos,” Matt says.

To find out more about Matt, check out his website here.