Learn How Venezuelan Producer And Magazine Director Alejandro Bastidas Became An Expert In U.S. Financial Markets, And How You Can Do The Same Through His Program ATA FX 1.0

Alejandro Bastidas
(@atafx11 on Instagram) is a successful trader and an expert in U.S financial markets. He has more than four years of experience trading in the financial market where he focuses on Indices, Metals, Cryptos, and some Forex pairs. In particular, he manages a program he created called ATA FX 1.0 and the Ale Trader Academy.

“ATA FX 1.0 simplifies the experience and vision that I have acquired over four years, developing the institutional perspective of price action and technical analysis.” Alejandro explains.

Some of Alejandro’s (@atafx11 on Instagram) students are so profitable that they have managed to overcome the FTMO Company Challenge. He believes that these challenges are the best audit that a profitable trader can have. For some of the challenges people have to have an economic objective to earn 10% of the account (10K USD) to achieve in a given time (10 days minimum – 30 days maximum) without being able to assume a daily loss of more than 5% of the account (5K USD) or an overall loss of 10% of the account (10KUSD).

“FTMO is one of the most prestigious and credible companies in the financing of traders, which offers accounts up to 200k USD.” Alejandro adds. “According to the statistics of the company FTMO, only 4% of people manage to successfully overcome the more than 1,500 challenges that the company promotes monthly. This test redefines the logic and consistency of a profitable trader, who can have a strategy and ability to generate income monthly and thus live from trading.

Alejandro was motivated to start his trading academy, Ale Trader Academy, due to the frustration he had of living two years doing a job he had never done, being an Uber driver, and observing that many academic programs were not effective enough.

I felt a duty and obligation to help all people who have dreams and motivation to overcome and change their lives. I wanted to offer them my experience so they can have the opportunity that I did not have in this country and it cost me so much to reach it!” Alejandro shares.

Before moving to the U.S, Alejandro was known for being a Venezuelan producer of concerts and public shows. In addition, he has been the director of GLAM magazine, a very important magazine in Venezuela. In 2011, it was the official magazine of the most important event in the country every year, the Miss Venezuela. Also that year, Alejandro was invited to be a juror in the beauty pageant. GLAM was also the official magazine of the 2012 Aruba Film Festival and the Aruba Fashion Week.

In Venezuela I started with the production of concerts and public shows, presenting artists such as Chino y Nacho, Alexis y Fido, Guaco, and Caramelos de Cianuro. Then I directed GLAM magazine with which I had about 15 print editions.” Alejandro shares. “Soon after, I was able to launch in Miami a version of the magazine, called UPPER GLAM. It had three print editions with artists such as Sabrina Seara, Maritza Rodriguez, Domingo Zapata, Belinda and Daniel Habif on our cover, interviewing personalities such as Eduardo Marturet, Alan Faena, Dave Grutman, among others.” Alejandro says.

It was when he was promoting the magazine that Alejandro moved to the United States and started working as an Uber driver for more than 14 hours a day for two years. At the same time, he was starting to learn about trading, taking seven courses on the subject and six on e-commerce. Soon he founded the Ale Trader Academy and launched the ATA FX 1.0 program.

Today, Alejandro differentiates himself from his competitors because he is always real and explicit, while others only think in personal numbers. He puts himself in the place of those people who are living through a difficult economic situation to help them in a real and effective way.

“My advice to people is to break paradigms, hack their brain and achieve a winning mentality. This mentality represents 60% of the success of any entrepreneur. You can have a good idea, but if you are not clear about the risks and potential rewards of such business, if you do not handle a good risk management you assume in terms of capital or your assets, the mentality and psychology will help you master your subconscious and thus avoid unintentional mistakes that people usually make, acting on emotions and anxiety.” Alejandro advises.

For 2021, Alejandro will work on resuming his live and personalized courses where he has direct contact with these students in their initial learning process. He also plans to reactivate the UPPER GLAM magazine in Miami. 

Find out more about Alejandro(@atafx11 on Instagram) here.