How Smith Financials LLC is Bringing Financial Literacy and Credit Support To Those That Need it Most

Credit is an invisible system that often dictates what many of us are able to work toward and have access to in life, especially financially. Unfortunately, even though credit is ubiquitous in our daily lives, many of us do not understand how the system works or how credit is calculated. Seeing a gap in the public understanding of credit, Smith Financials LLC was born. 

Smith Financials LLC has the primary goal of education, with a financial lens. Not only do they teach clients and customers about what credit is as a concept, but they work with them to restore credit from past mistakes, build credit in the present, and maintain achieved credit in the future. 

“We make you look good, not only on paper, but in all aspects of your financial life. This allows our customers to have better options, and make even better financial decisions down the line,” Carlos D. Smith from Smith Financials LLC says. 

Currently, Smith Financials LLC is reaching customers in every corner of the globe through their online courses. Their popular virtual class, the Credit Coaching Blueprint, guides people to earn more and achieve more than they would be able to without any financial know-how. 

Smith Financials LLC is motivated by helping their clients because they understand the need – they are proud to be open to anyone who needs help with their credit, with funding, or with building a sustainable business model. Their founder, Carlos, was able to transform his own life with the same strategies and insight he passes along to clients. 

Carlos himself is a problem solver – he has been for as long as he can remember. Recalling it as if he was programmed to find challenges to solve to gain the knowledge that comes with a good solution, he also remarks that problem solving is really all about the mindset. When approached with a brick wall, Smith Financials LLC encourages their clients to break through or climb over to get to the other side, rather than to simply turn back. They embody the well-known Robert C. Worstell quote: “Successful people are not without problems. They’re simply people who’ve learned to solve their problems”. 

Smith Financials LLC is adamant that their education courses and insight are for everyone – and this began with their founder, who, despite popular assumption, is largely self-taught. After barely graduating from high school, he picked up his knowledge of credit, business, and financial knowledge through self-education and mentorship alone – no formal training. 

In an effort to support the benefits of mentorship, the Credit Coaching Blueprint is aimed directly at clients who want to move beyond the baseline knowledge Smith Financials LLC offers and are ready for capitalizing on credit at the next level. Mentorship allows clients to learn quickly without making the mistakes that come from self-teaching. 

Smith Financials LLC began when founder Carlos D. Smith was down on his luck – instead of using his broken status as a pain point, he used it as motivation to propel himself forward. He fixed his credit with the help of a mentor, and learned every little bit of information he could along the way. This golden opportunity he realized was not going to be available to everyone when they needed it, so he knew he had to spread the word. Soon, he was helping more people than ever before, and he knew he had stumbled upon a real business. Now, Smith Financials LLC is proud to run on the mission to help fellow Americans achieve financial freedom. They go to work everyday with this goal at the forefront of their minds, from the sales consultants all the way to the IT staff – and their clients feel that everytime they call in for help. 

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