HJ Collection is Bringing a New Mentality to the World of Property Development Both in the United States and Abroad.

Property development is a business of opportunity but also difficulty. While there may be great ideas, sometimes the property and opportunity isn’t there. If there is great property, sometimes the idea and the vision can be lost in translation. In addition, with laws varying by city in some places, and neighborhood to neighborhood in another, it can be difficult to get the correct foothold in any given area.

A company that has been able to stretch their property development not only across the entire country, but also internationally is HJ Collection, which was founded and created by Reece Mennie. Reece is the owner of HJ Collection, a property development company that began in the United Kingdom. With experience in sourcing, developing, introducing and raising capital for lucrative property developments, their business and understanding of the property development market launched them to success even when things were tough during the pandemic.

Reece and his team saw the potential of all that they could do to help develop properties throughout the United Kingdom and believed that their business could do more elsewhere as well, so they began spreading their wings and making moves throughout one of the most difficult economic times the world has faced. Despite it all, Reece and his team were able to successfully make a leap and move their business into the U.S. property market even while the pandemic was happening!

What has differentiated Reece and the HJ Collection from their competitors is the ability to keep and form relationships, which has, in turn, helped them grow. On their website, Reece details how these relationships help support their business:

“We continue to work and forge relationships with several quality contractors who share our business model. Using this combined experience we develop desirable, affordable living spaces through an intelligent and innovative approach to urban regeneration. We professionally manage the whole process on behalf of investors and include investors in updates, site tours and virtual viewings.”

Though Reece grew up surrounded by entrepreneurship, he and his team at HJ Collection have taken their roles as entrepreneurs to the next level. Not only does the business help build and establish properties in areas, but they are also working to give back to the community that they have become a part of. This, in turn, not only betters the community for the new property, but also leaves a lasting impression for those who have previously called that area their home.

Their main goal, in fact,  is to offer affordable living options to a wider market range. This investment into their local communities helps make many places around the world more accessible to a larger swath of people. 

Reece and his team are looking forward to what the new year brings and being able to unlock their new levels of achievement in a new market across the ocean. To find out more about HJ Collection, check out their website here.