Hannah Gold is the 22-Year-Old Singer, Songwriter and Producer Behind the Record Label Candy Landy

Hannah Gold is a 22-year-old young female entrepreneur, singer, songwriter, and producer. A native of Long Island, New York, she is the founder of record label Candy Landy, which she founded after graduating with honors from the University of Southern California with a degree in Music Industry.

Hannah has all hands on deck: she writes and licenses original songs, manages her personal career, designs her own merchandise, markets and strategically releases her music on her Beverly Hills-based genre fusion record label, and signs and develops artists into major music stars.

Her motivation to follow her dreams and work in the music industry came from her grandfather, who has been one of Hannah’s biggest supporters and inspirations since she was very young.

I have always been inspired by how my grandfather Seymour went from having nothing to having everything he could dream of while being an amazing human being who gives back and helps people in any way he can. His kindness and humility inspire me to act the same way. When I was 13, my grandparents started taking me to a studio in Florida to record covers. They sat and encouraged me throughout the process and motivated me to pursue my dreams. My parents’ work ethic inspired me to always work hard and challenge myself, which is why I love the duality of being an artist and an entrepreneur.” Hannah shares.

When Hannah was in college, she built a home studio where she felt comfortable expressing herself. The studio consisted of purple soundproofing on the walls, posters signed by artists like Snoop Dogg and Drake, an arcade machine, a gumball machine, and a candy machine. This studio became Hannah’s personal candy land and happy place. That’s where the inspiration for the name of her record label, Candy Landy, came from.

Hannah has always lived with music. It has always been an integral part of her life. It has been a vessel for her to feel something and gives her a natural rush of endorphins and emotions.

I loved hitting the dashboard of the car with my finger drumsticks and singing songs at the top of my lungs. I enjoyed choreographing silly dances for my little sisters and recording mini songs in GarageBand on my laptop. When I was feeling sad, I often found myself hibernating with headphones listening to songs that made me cry. When I was feeling happy, I would dance in the kitchen singing songs that made me feel good without worrying about anything.” Hannah adds.

With such a passion for music, Hannah found herself connecting music with business to study the Music Industry. She had always thought she would study business because she enjoyed brainstorming product ideas with her mother. This changed when she visited the University of Southern California.

“On my visit to USC, I learned about the music industry program and was inspired when I realized I could merge music and business; I knew I had found the dream job I was looking for. That was the moment I realized I was destined to create my own record label, release original music through it, and sign other artists so I could make their musical dreams come true. In June 2021, Candy Landy LLC became official and in September 2021 we released our first product – Hannah Gold’s Run Away.” Hannah explains.

Her career has taken off as Run Away, her first single, hit a hundred thousand streams in less than two months on Spotify. Hannah is able to differentiate herself from other artists because her sound is unique, benefiting from catchy and powerful musical lyrics. 

My music is special because it sticks in your head and tugs at your heartstrings at the same time. And Candy Landy is special because we look for artists that do their own thing and create their own genres of music. We also distinguish ourselves because we don’t focus on a specific genre of music, but rather genre fusion artists.” She says.

In the near future, Hannah’s plans include releasing more singles and music videos, while building up to release her first EP in 2022. Stay tuned because you never know what’s coming next–it could be R&B, rap or anything else. Hannah Gold is full of surprises.

Learn more about Hannah here.