Designing Beyond Borders: Natalie Vecino’s Global Vision as a Style Expert

Meet Natalie Vecino, a star in the interior design industry. With her roots in Colombia and her skills honed in the design hubs of Milan, Natalie’s journey is a fascinating exploration of creativity, innovation, and global influence. She’s not just an interior designer; she’s a creator of spaces, a storyteller through design, and a style expert whose work resonates internationally. Natalie’s unique blend of modern aesthetics and eclectic inspirations defines her distinctive style, making her a standout talent in the industry.

Natalie’s journey is a captivating tale of passion and artistic evolution. It all began with her love for art and entrepreneurship, ignited during her early years in Colombia. At the remarkable age of 15, she embarked on a unique venture, traveling to New York to source distinctive fabrics and materials for her first business. This early venture ignited her lifelong fascination with design and craftsmanship.

Her path led her to the bustling streets of New York City, where she enrolled at Parsons, the New School of Design, majoring in fine arts and design management. Here, she was introduced to the enchanting world of interiors and materials. Natalie’s talent and dedication didn’t go unnoticed; she found herself working with Marks and Frantz, the creative minds behind the set design of iconic shows like “Sex and the City” and “The Devil Wears Prada.” Her collaborations extended to the D&D Building in New York, a hub for design and decor enthusiasts.

Natalie then relocated to Miami to join Bo Concept, a renowned furniture brand. This experience broadened her horizons in furniture design and product development. Her journey continued with Bea Interiors, an exceptional interior design company in Miami, where she honed her skills as an interior designer and project manager.

Yet, Natalie’s entrepreneurial spirit guided her back to Colombia, where she founded Veciiin, her own interior design studio. She specialized in interiors, project management, product design, and bespoke furniture.

“I started my own business driven by a deep passion for art and entrepreneurship. It was a chance to turn my interests into a fulfilling career and pursue my creative vision, it also provided the opportunity for constant growth and challenge, pushing me to learn new skills and continuously improve as an entrepreneur and designer.” Natalie shares.

Natalie’s passion led her to renowned trade shows like High Point Market and ICFF, where she scours for the latest trends and sustainable materials.

Not content with her accomplishments, Natalie pursued a master’s degree in interior design at Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy. During her studies, she explored European and Asian markets, delving into sustainable materials with Acpv architects renowned for projects like Bulgari Hotel Rome and Mandarin Oriental hotels.

Natalie finds inspiration in museums, art shows, and the search for new sustainable materials. Her multicultural background, combined with her extensive industry experience, sets her apart as a visionary in interior design. Natalie believes in creating spaces that inspire and leave a lasting impact.

“Be curious, go out and network, and observe your surroundings; inspiration is out there for everyone who wants to find it,” Natalie explains.

Starting a business in interior design comes with its unique set of challenges. Natalie’s advice about this for those aspiring to start their own ventures: “Avoid the idea that you are not ready and simply go and try. Even with limited resources, you can start small and wait for growth, then establish a brand and the reputation for the brand, find clients, and invest time in marketing strategies and networking efforts.”

Natalie’s designs go beyond aesthetics; they create experiences, leaving an indelible mark on clients and the design community. Whether it’s crafting bespoke furniture, curating spaces, or exploring sustainable materials, Natalie’s passion knows no bounds.

If you’re seeking to transform your space into a work of art, Natalie Vecino is the interior designer you’ve been looking for.

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