Coming for a Dog Bath and Staying for the Training and More, Pet Owners Love Brian Claeys and Travis Lux’s Business: All Dogs Unleashed

Dogs, to many people, are like children; they love them, treat them, and take care of them as if they were their own. Particularly during the pandemic, dogs were a major source of happiness and company during those years. When it comes to taking care of and training our dogs, we want the best for them.

Brian Claeys and his partner and best friend, Travis Lux, created such a business called All Dogs Unleashed!

“We own a dog training facility that offers all the same features of a pet resort. Not your typical training facility. We know that our customers travel and will come back for more if we do all of the above. We find the customers and help them with their training needs then we become a lifelong partner with them and their pet. They will come back for baths, brush daycare boarding and refresh training while they are traveling. We began to sell license agreements so we have helped others make a career following the same practices. We franchised in 2021 so we not only run the highest revenue producing pet resort in the nation but we are also helping others achieve the same goal,” Brian explains.

Located in Texas, the two partners have made it their mission to make the lives of pet owners just a little bit easier. Both men themselves are dog owners and have a background in business. They decided that they could take the two parts of their lives and merge them into one. This has allowed them to offer incredible sales and customer service to their customers while enjoying the time with pets.

“We were used to sales and neither of us were afraid to work all day and night to become successful. I soon realized that to provide a happy customer there are certain things we need to do which are things we are already used to doing and that is under promise to deliver and give your Customer and the dog your all in the training for them and the dog,” Brian states.

What inspires Brian to keep working and do a better job every day? He takes us back to his childhood, saying how he took for granted the training of his own dogs. After realizing how important it is, he knew he could help people do it even better. 

“We love how we are making lifetime relationships with customers, and how happy the customer is when they go with their pets to the supermarket or comment about it on social media,” Brian says.

The key to success in their business is constant innovation and staying up to date to possible improvements. They traveled around and learned from other trainers and now continue to evolve their program in the same way.

With 2022 coming to a close, Brian and Travis have big plans for the future as they continue to help pet owners and run their business. Keeping with the same formula that has worked for them, they are looking to open new locations in the coming months!

“We are in construction for our Shreveport location and we hope that will be completed in the next 8 months. We also have offers on properties in Oklahoma City. We are also going to start to work on website updates as we continue to dominate our SEO. We currently have been spending time talking to new potential franchisees. We are very proud of our model and with 16 locations from natural growth we are excited to bring on new owners and show them how to be successful as well,” Brian details.

To find out more about Brian and Travis, check out their website here