Cindy Makita-Dodd Is Helping People Land Their Dream Jobs In A Terrible Economy Through Her Expertise In The Career Coaching World

Getting a job is harder and harder these days. Every employer has their own unique set of criteria and job seekers globally are struggling to navigate the complex hiring systems. Cindy Makita-Dodd, a top-rated career coach, is here to help people overcome these hurdles and much more. As she states, she helps people find their best employment opportunities and overcome the hurdles holding them back from achieving career success.

“I run a Career Services/Career Coaching business. I help people land their dream jobs and accelerate to their next promotions. At Hired Institute, we offer resume writing, career coaching, LinkedIn profile optimization and interview preparation services. 

We help driven-professionals take an intentional approach to their careers, and ultimately land their dream jobs.

This includes updating people’s resumes and LinkedIn profiles to position them for the roles they want to pursue, coaching them through how to transition careers, and teaching them key techniques and strategies to smoothly navigate the job market, stand out from the crowd, and get hired,” Cindy explains.

Cindy’s life began in South Africa where she grew up, and then she moved to the United States to pursue International Business & Finance. She saw a need in the market for someone to help people with their careers, and decided to take her training and move it to the career help world.

“My career started in asset and wealth management and when I identified a need in the market for career coaching, I jumped at the opportunity to put my passion for people into practice through helping people land their dream jobs.

I initially started offering career services and selling an online course as a side-hustle to help people navigate the job market and after seeing great success, I left my job in 2019 and decided to go full-time into entrepreneurship. My heart was so invested in the work I was doing,” Cindy says.

Cindy herself does a lot of hiring and managing, so she knows exactly what employers are looking for when they are hiring and searching for candidates. This is what makes her different from other services.

“As a recruiter and hiring manager myself I understand what employers look for, and what a job candidate can do to stand out from the crowd and land their ideal career. At Hired Institute, we are not just resume writers and career coaches. Our name says it all – we help people Get Hired!

What differentiates us from other resume writing or career coaching services is that we combine Hiring Manager insights with expert resume writing to help our clients land their dream jobs.

Our goal is not to just build someone a resume that they are happy with or that looks good. Our goal is to build branding materials that land people the most coveted opportunities with highly sought-out companies,” Cindy remarks.

Cindy has helped people land their dream jobs at Fortune 500 companies. She has even helped people land jobs during this global pandemic.

“I have clients that have landed their dream jobs in Fortune 500 companies and international organizations, and some that landed multiple job offers in the midst of a global pandemic when companies were undergoing mass layoffs. I’ve worked with professionals from the manufacturing industry, to tech, to design and everything in between.

The job market does not determine who gets hired or not. It’s up to job seekers to position themselves as the ideal candidates for the roles they want by implementing proven strategies in their job search,” Cindy details.

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