Athlete, Fashion Model and Entrepreneur Ana Espinola Has Been Helping People Dealing With Anxiety After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ana Espinola Barreto is an athlete, fashion model, and entrepreneur. She manages her own social networks and works as an accountant, too. In her free time, she is a content creator and travel blogger. 

Ana is part of a family business that consists of a clinic focused on preventive and integrative orthomolecular medicine called La Vero. In it, she works with her dad Dr. Aurelio Espinola and her sister Dr. Ruth Espinola. Ana handles the nutrition and fitness area.

In addition to all this, Ana started another venture during the COVID pandemic after realizing that the quarantine was affecting everyone emotionally, causing an increase in the consumption of alcohol, nicotine, and other addictions. 

Ana opened UMO Mexico, a store that offers vaporizers for anyone who wants to stop smoking nicotine. They also offer vaporizers with CBD. Ana was motivated to get into the industry because she wanted to improve and help people not only to look good but to feel good.

I realized that diseases are physical, but the emotional ones somatize and punish the body. There are many people with mental transient illnesses, from bipolar to psychosis. And we should not judge them but rather help them because no one decides to get sick. We all want to be happy but if we don’t have the necessary tools for that, it can lead to depression and even suicide. That is why I affirmed that my purpose is to help people not only to look and feel good about themselves, because our soul is the place where our soul decides and we must take care of our temple.” She shares.

In 2014, when Ana started her career as an athlete, she realized that her passion was sports, nutrition, and fitness. More recently, she has also focused on helping people with emotional problems.

Ana believes that the biggest challenge when starting a business is to take the risk and ignore the negative criticisms of others. To be able to do this, it helps to build a positive mindset.

You have to be determined and convinced that your business will pay off, a business does not prosper overnight if not step by step. You have to take into account constructive criticism to always improve and avoid toxic and negative comments that impede growth and development/brand. There is no such thing as ‘I can’t.’ Control your mind and you will control everything.” Ana explains.

Ana is different from her competition because she enjoys what she does–whether it is helping others or fitness and nutrition. The products and services she offers have worked for her.

I find it beautiful what we can achieve with effort and determination. I used to be afraid to fail, now I’m afraid not to try.” Ana states.

Success is a multifaceted word because each person has their own definition of success. For some people success is having fame, being recognized, owning many material goods or having a lot of money. For others, success can be impacting the lives of thousands of people. For Ana, it is very clear.

For me, success means achieving my goals. I never thought I could go from being a complex girl with so many insecurities, to now being on the cover of recognized magazines. Success for me means abundance, not only financially but emotionally. Success brings us happiness and fulfills us as a person.” She says.

Ana’s main project moving forward is developing the perfect formula in a bottle for UMO Mexico. Besides this being an important service to provide following the high levels of anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ana believes that in general people should avoid smoking.

“I know UMO Mexico will be of great help for people to leave nicotine that causes so many lung diseases and even physical deterioration at an early age.”

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