At the VIP Mastermind, Mr. Biz® Will Be Speaking About What He Knows Best: Success, Achieving Goals, Business, Planning & More

Ken Wentworth, also known as Mr. Biz®, will be speaking at the upcoming VIP Mastermind in Miami. Mr. Biz® is renowned as a strategic business partner, 3x bestselling author, award-winning radio show host, 6x World Record holder and public speaker.

In his previous talks, he has spoken about a variety of topics and ideas that are also in his books. He covers business topics like entrepreneurship, finance, profitability, strategy planning, among others. Additionally, on a personal level, he also talks about achieving game-changing personal goals and consistent perseverance – basically, his SMAC methodology, which is discussed in his most recent bestselling book, “Don’t Fake the Funk: F*ck Being Average”.

As a speaker, Ken specializes in translating complex ideas through simple, but impactful words with real-life stories. However, this was not always the case. In the beginning, he “used to be terrible at public speaking”, he shares. He was terrified every time he had to speak publicly. Following advice from a mentor in college, he enrolled in every communication class possible.

His mentor’s advice was that effective speaking was going to be a defining factor that separated him from others. “You could be the most intelligent and talented person in your field, but if you cannot communicate effectively, you will quickly hit a ceiling in your career”, his mentor suggested.

In his first speech class, he recalls having to watch his initial speech and quickly realized he was actually even worse at it than he had thought. When he sought guidance from his professor, she asked: “What is a topic you know better than anyone else in class?”. Without thinking much, he answered: “How to shoot a free throw!”, since he had prided himself on that discipline during his basketball career. The teacher instructed him that was going to be his speech topic for the next class.

He didn’t understand why, but he figured it out quickly. First, he noticed preparing for that speech was infinitely easier because he already knew the topic. Then, when it was time to present in front of the class, he wasn’t nervous; his heart wasn’t racing; and his palms weren’t sweating. The “a-ha” takeaway was that he knew the topic well and was confident no one could ask him a question he couldn’t answer. That epiphany led to a brand new approach to all further speaking engagements.

“Of course, you have to be prepared. And it’s O.K. to not know the answer to a question from the audience. The primary reason people fear public speaking is because they’re afraid they’re going to look foolish or that they won’t know the answer to a question someone asks them”, comments Mr. Biz®.

He also speaks every week through his award-winning radio show, Mr. Biz Radio, which he has been hosting for over 5 years now. “Without developing my confidence in speaking in front of others, there is no way I would have ever even considered hosting a radio show”, mentions Ken.

When comparing hosting Mr. Biz Radio to public speaking, while he enjoys both, he actually prefers being on stage. “When speaking on stage, you can read the crowd and adjust your speech, as needed, to keep them engaged. With radio hosting, you don’t get that real-time feedback. Plus, when I’m on stage I feed off the energy of the audience”, Wentworth comments. 

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