WEMP: a Cryptocurrency Specializing in Helping Women Advance & Thrive

Despite becoming more and more involved in the workforce in the past century, women are still wildly underrepresented in many businesses, groups, and fields ranging from corporate America to the field of science and technology. This is where WEMP, and their founder Christine Curran, come in. WEMP has the main goal of inclusivity in the workplace, but in particular, they focus on getting women involved in the field of crypto.

“Wemp’s mission is to create mass adoption in the crypto space by bringing more women into crypto. We provide educational resources, fund women entrepreneurs and donate to women supported charities. We are a community driven social cause token. WEMP also has utility as our currency for the global livestream event, the “Influential Model Awards” slated to take place during last quarter of 2022,” Christine explains.

Christine Curran, spent many years of her life dedicated to ensuring that women were elevated and well represented in the workplace. She herself has had positions all throughout the entertainment world. The current pandemic gave Christine the opportunity to explore new avenues for female empowerment. In particular, she began looking into the crypto space.

“With Covid-19 putting a halt on our award show we jumped into the crypto space and that is where the vision for WEMP Token was founded. Realizing the opportunity to have a global currency for our global event, we created the WEMP Token which stands for Women Empowerment,” Christine states.

However, WEMP doesn’t stop at crypto though! They have also created partnerships with celebrities including Vivica A. Fox and they have a number of exciting projects coming up in the next few months that will expand beyond the crypto world. One of these projects is a TV show.

“WEMP secured a Celebrity partnership with actress Vivica A. Fox. Vivica is the epitome of Women Empowerment.  She has overcome adversities in the movie industry during a time when women weren’t treated fairly or paid equally.  She is an iconic Hollywood superstar that believes in empowering others, especially women.   We are very proud of her support and belief in our mission. 

Dining Divas is going National this year! It will be airing on the WE Channel in 2022. We are also working on a partnership with the Travel Channel for Dining Divas Destinations.  We are launching our app at the beginning of January where all of our content will be housed after it airs on tv.  There will also be exclusive content and reality segments about each of the Divas you can only watch on the app. We have merchandise and our wine line launching shortly after as well,” Christine says.

What differentiates WEMP Token and Christine from other businesses alike is that they are dedicated to transparency. In Christine’s words, the world of tokens is still “the wild west” meaning that it is still fairly uncharted territory. It is crucial that the company is transparent with so many moving pieces in a continually-evolving industry.

“With WEMP we are extremely transparent. For some projects, you have no idea who the founder is or any background on the team. We chose not to stay anonymous because we want the community to feel the comfort of being able to research our past accomplishments and feel secure in their investments,” Christine states.

To keep up with all they are doing, follow WEMP on instagram here and check out their website here.