Providing the Credit Education that Many of Us Lack, Got Credit?™ Wants to Help People Understand and Leverage Their Good Credit.

There are many things that occur each day without you realizing that have a profound impact on how you conduct your life. Even if you aren’t actively thinking about it, these things are changing your life months, even years, down the road.

One of the many factors that influences life choices down the road is credit. Your purchasing patterns, ability to pay off debt, and even who you are as a person can influence your credit. If you aren’t aware of your credit, it can deter you from buying a house, getting a new car, getting a bank loan, and much more. This is why many people turn to credit experts to help maintain or fix their current credit situations.

One of these credit services is known as Got Credit?™. They are a credit education business that assists people with maximizing their credit scores and helps business owners with building business credit. This, in turn, doubles their borrowing power, which allows them to separate their personal and business credit.

Got Credit?™ has realized the unfair consequences that credit can have on someone’s life, so they strive to help customers not only fix their credit, but also to focus on educating them to understand the financial system more. In a sense, teaching someone how to fish instead of giving them a fish is what this company lives by.

Got Credit? is attempting to maximize their reach to all people, even offering virtual access to training and help through The Got Credit?™ Academy. However, one of their biggest accomplishments has been speaking at Cesar & DJ Envy Real Estate Seminars. This gave the company the ability to teach thousands of people all at once while growing exposure for the company. 

Got Credit?™ was founded by Jose Rodriguez, also known as The Credit Dude. After years of working and missing out time with his family, he decided that he wanted to make a change. He wanted to start his own business that allowed him the freedom and flexibility to enjoy his life. At the same time, he realized that he could have a profound impact on people’s lives by helping them with their credit.

“I started my own business so that I could provide something to my wife and daughter that money couldn’t buy, TIME!! I didn’t want my daughter to only see her dad at night or on the weekends or have my wife drop her off at daycare. Being an entrepreneur has allowed me to witness all of my daughters major milestones and spend every day with my wife as we grow our company working from home,” Jose remarks.

With so many people looking to change their financial situations, the Got Credit?™ team is excited to be able to help people get that 700+ credit score and change their financial circumstances. To find out more about Got Credit?™ you can visit their Instagram here.