Profits Are Being Put Aside For The Holidays As 787 Coffee Decides To Close On Christmas To Focus On Their Families

A special coffee shop known by many across New York City and Puerto Rico, 787 Coffee, is taking a unique approach to the holidays. 787 Coffee is not just a coffee shop, but a unique farm to cup coffee experience. As a business that relates to humans, they impact and give energy to others on a daily basis. Their mission at 787 Coffee revolves around treating their staff and customers with dignity and respect. 

At 787 Coffee, they not only provide their customers with a fresh cup of coffee, but also focus on creating lasting memories and meaningful human interactions. Hence, while business competitors are mainly focused on profits, the priority at 787 Coffee is the relationships between their staff and customers. As such, they have decided to put the profits aside, and focus on providing their staff the time to enjoy their families. While 787 Coffee loves the interactions it builds with its customers through coffee, they will be devoting their time to their families on December 24th and 25th, during which their shops will be closed. 

CEO of 787 Coffee, Brandon Ivan Peña, is a family man himself and understands the importance of being with one’s family during the holiday season. “We have decided to close the entire company December 24th and 25th to allow our coworkers to stay caffeinated with their families,” says Brandon. However, don’t hesitate to visit their coffee shops up until then, as they will receive you with open arms. 

Remember, whether you’re too far from a physical location or need to stock up on your coffee for the holidays, you can find 787 Coffee products online here