Michael Oliver – An Entrepreneur Who Has Built Success Through Real Estate By Following His Ultimate Purpose

Michael Oliver is a High-Level Real Estate Investor who has combined his passion for Real Estate and helping others. He initially became involved in real estate in 2018 after his grandmother’s house was at risk of being foreclosed on for unpaid taxes. Looking out for the interests of his family and neighborhood, Michael decided to do what he could, even in the face of gentrification, in order to use real estate in a way that would set up a solid financial future for his family. While Michael managed the rehab on his grandmother’s home, he also purchased another property just up the street and began making money on the property. However, after sinking much of his own money into these properties, he realized this wasn’t sustainable. 

This led Michael to realize a more sustainable option – if he sold the properties, he could use the money to invest in real estate at a bigger scale. As such, Michael determined how to multiply his impact with the proceeds and sold the properties quickly: the first property, which he purchased and rehabbed and in less than 24 hours he earned 6 figures from that listing, then he sold his  grandmother’s property and did the same thing.It was with these profits that Michael was able to hit the ground running and begin his path to becoming a successful Real Estate Investor. 

“Real Estate helped me to realize that my early years in the streets forced me to develop an unique ability of managing risk effectively even in a fast-paced environment. It might sound crazy but when you come from an environment where mismanaging risk could mean loss of freedom, loss of life or physical harm you learn how to navigate risk much differently than most. I think that this experience makes me incredibly unique,” states Michael. 

Now, Michael has pivoted to focus completely on large multi-family apartments, which he uses the same methods he used in the past on single family homes. 

“One of life’s greatest truths is that if you are willing to do what most people aren’t willing to do, then you will undoubtedly be compensated more than most people will be compensated. Add the discipline and resilience needed to do that thing repeatedly for a longer period of time and that difference in compensation compounds rapidly.”

In addition to his wholesaling business, Michael also runs a Real Estate Development business, as well as one dedicated to finding and buying apartments with the vision of increasing their value. This is allowing him to create a greater impact by  improving communities and helping others create financial freedom and build wealth. Since a larger investment is required, he is able to bring on people who  aren’t full time real estate investors to partner with him to purchase and renovate apartments. With this Michael is about to start an opportunistic fund  to allow people with lower income to participate in investing with him to help them  boost their returns through a financial education based incentive programs.

“Apartments are the way to financial freedom and they give you the ability to set up generational wealth. The network gained, experience learned and money made in flipping houses has helped me start to reach my goals faster than I’d imagined. One of my purposes in life is to be able to help as many people as possible begin to invest in real estate and apartments make it so much easier than single family flips because they have way more upside long-term and they are less risky,” Michael explains. 

Through these different businesses, Michael has been able to achieve his version of success – success in family, spirituality, and career. He has been able to generate passive income, which allows him to spend more time with his loved ones. Ultimately, he has been able to achieve his ultimate goal, which is to leave a positive impact on others and help inspire more people of color and people who are growing up in poverty or dealing with difficult circumstances.  

Michael shares, “The first reason that inspired me to get into this industry was to change the trajectory of my family’s financial future. We grew up in poverty and even though I think it was one of the best things that could have ever happened to me, it came with so many terrible hardships, and experiences. I want to be the person who elevates my family’s last name. I want to reach as many people as possible and share more and more of my story to inspire them that abundance and everything that they want out of life is a possibility.”

This year, Michael is breaking ground on an $18M 156 unit apartment complex in Ohio, which he believes will be a very important part of the revitalization of the beautiful city of Reynoldsburg, OH, just 20 minutes from Downtown Columbus, OH. In addition to this project, Michael plans to expand into some new markets in the U.S. 

To anyone who is looking to start their own business, Michael shares:

“Find your why. Find what fuels you when the chips are low, when they are stacked against you and when things are better than they’ve ever been. In business, things are constantly changing and moving faster than ever so you have to identify a constant. Something that you can depend on to get you back on fire no matter what.” 

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