Meet Multi Faceted Art Director Huido Lee

Meet art director Huido Lee. Originally from Gyeongju, South Korea, Huido at a young age always found himself staring at the stars and wondered what aliens looked like on the moon. Always having a strong interest in art, he began to replicate and conceptualize his imagination onto paper. With that, his love for drawing gravitated towards graphic design and logos, combining art with advertisement, as he appreciated concepts being “sold as messages” and expressed in simplistic manners. Huido began researching and developing his skills in graphic design, while dabbling in photoshop for digital communissions and even became brand designer in Korea for a tattoo art house in 2017 thanks to his professional art. Through the passing years, while networking his way into the world of art, he was able to establish connections with possible clients in the near future.

Now mastering his techniques in design, Huido tends to stray away from trends, and if a trending concept was presented to him then he would find it imperative to add a personal twist to it. Unifying the base concept presented to him, while adding his own personal input allowed Huido to stylize designs that build upon his own brand and leave a mark to the designing world that makes him recognizable and unique. Thanks to his unique concepts and style that he cultivated over the years, on top of his own business, Huido has garnered hundreds of clients from all over the world interested in his artwork. 

Before his success, Huido had difficulties making a name for himself, both in the art and advertising field. Nevertheless he had the positive mindset to strive for his dream, and made his first step by taking courses online and jumping straight into the workforce. With the right mindset, he mastered all the techniques involved in design and directing simply by being in the field, hard work, and discipline.

Now he has a couple of projects lined up for this upcoming year to cultivate more clients and unique audiences. The first project he plans on engaging in, is a pop up gallery located in Seoul where he plans on showcasing both his personal art and the art of his colleagues. The gallery will be specifically dedicated to traditional illustration, with pieces done “without color” to allow his colleagues to express their unique pieces with a limited color palette and how far they can push themselves as artists. Another future project involves fashion, where he would buy white shoes in bulk in order for customization and later auctioned off on the exclusive platforms NTWRK, with a percentage of profits going towards charity of the artist’s choice. Huido will continue to strive towards his dreams as an art director by empowering his team while developing his own profession in art. 

For more information on Huido Lee, follow him on instagram @jottaero