Let Team 22 Bring You Home Through Their Unparalleled Home Buying and Selling Experience Made To Match Each Customer’s Needs

Team 22 Realty is a residential real estate brokerage company launched by three gentlemen, Jerry Haffey, Sahap Sicimoglu, and Nicholas Alberto, in hopes of helping their community. They combined their passion for real estate as they came together, and set on a mission to create a real estate company that was different from any others you’ve seen before. Team 22 provides not just any broker experience, but one that is dynamic and mindful. They pride themselves on the relationship they create with each client through trust, empathy, accountability, and mindfulness, which allows them to provide a concierge process that clients can trust. 

“Team22 is not just your average real estate company. We focus on the customer experience and take a mindful approach in the real estate transaction, making it an experience,” -Alain Brodeur, Team Leader. 

By keeping an intimate size and scope to each location, Team 22 Realty provides individualized treatment for every single client during their home buying experience. They believe in offering all the necessary steps from the transaction side, while also cultivating a real relationship with their customers. This has allowed them to create a customer service experience like no other. As the co founder Sahap Sicimoglu says, 

“We are a part of this community and welcome all to our community as best we can. We truthfully want the opportunity to warm people’s hearts knowing that they are comfortable in their new home and community.”

 “If the members of the Team 22 family feel successful and content, our customers will feel that energy. This is success to us  and this is a major goal of ours.” – Jerry Haffey, Co Founder

If you’re wondering where the company got its name from, you should consider the meaning of the number 22 – a master number of the master builders. The number 22 is one of the most powerful numbers able to turn all dreams into reality, a number of precision and balance, and one that is able to provide the power to achieve almost impossible things. This number represents the company well, as it is built on a strong sense of community and achieving a customer experience that is unparalleled. Not only does Team 22 Realty have a mindful approach to the real estate transaction process, but they also have a team of people dedicated to each customer’s experience, even after the signing table, which makes their process a mindful experience rather than just an approach. 

“We refuse to compromise the integrity of our mission. We will stay vigilant while adapting to market changes. We find that certain businesses shift too quickly for the dollar, we will not be that business. We believe in our process and our vision,” states Jerry Haffey, Co Founder. 

Currently, Team 22 is focused on expanding their current operations and making them as efficient and effective as possible, so that every customer can have an outstanding experience. In the future, they look forward to creating a series of small offices in specific locations that drive the mission and vision of Team 22. 

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