Kathleen Ade Offers Concierge Wellness Services To Prevent Diseases at the Micronutrient Level With NRB Concepts 

Kathleen Ade is a nurse entrepreneur who runs NRB Concepts, a company that offers mobile concierge wellness services with the goal of helping clients understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle to help prevent diseases at the micronutrient level. 

We provide micronutrient testing and a consultation with the medical provider, providing the client with intravenous vitamins or vitamin injections based on the client’s micronutrient results.” Kathleen explains. “NRB focuses on the well-being of people so they can reach their full potential.” 

In her career as an emergency room nurse, Kathleen has come across cases where she has realized that certain medical conditions and ailments could have been avoided if micronutrient testing and vitamins had been administered to patients. 

I was tired of providing medical care by administering medications and pills intravenously, without knowing or understanding the cellular aspect of why. Why did this imbalance occur and what is the cell lacking for proper function? As a result, I created NRB. We want to nourish, revive and balance our clients.” Kathleen shares. 

Kathleen was inspired by years of experience in her work. Her countless experiences in hospitals motivated her to create a company that actually takes medicine to the next level. 

Understanding the whys and applying strategies to improve someone’s well-being is one of the critical points for NRB,” she adds. 

In her professional career, Kathleen has faced and successfully overcome many obstacles. One of the biggest hurdles was the dealing with the high cost of studying to become a nurse. 

My mother was a single parent who worked seven days a week to provide my sister and me with the basic necessities. I had to work hard and got a full scholarship to nursing school,” Kathleen recounts. 

NRB Concepts differentiates itself from its competitors because it focuses on the individual’s wellness from the cellular level and provides resources that can help them reach their full potential. It’s not just an IV service that only includes IV/IM vitamins, which many concierge companies do. 

We focus on micronutrient testing to help direct our clients through a roadmap for their health and give them suggestions on what vitamin drip would fit their needs. In addition, we have partnered with dietitians who will provide nutritional counseling.”  

Looking forward, Kathleen is focused on building NRB Concepts with marketing and social media so they can create an inspirational and motivational platform that focuses on wellness. 

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