How this Entrepreneur​​ Turned a Negative Experience Into a Lifetime of Service

If there was ever a clear example of determination and hard work, Maria Brown is the perfect example.

It’s no secret that the fierce and bold Latina has been through her fair share of tough times, but with perseverance & hard work, she’s been able to come out successful, every single time.

Maria Brown is a consultant who chose her career path based on her life experiences and struggles which gave her inspiration and motivation to help and empower others. She is the head of Brown Consulting Firm, located in Florida, a company that mediates and solve life’s problems, from divorces to finances, and much more. Her main focus? To help individuals solve these occurrences in a timely and accessible matter.

Maria’s decision to start this consulting group dates 15 years back when she endured a really hard divorce which let her see how financially dependent she was from her partner at the time.

“I saw myself in this position, and I was in a deep depression, and I said okay let’s get it together. What is the lesson to learn out of this situation? First, becoming financially savvy as a woman to be able to protect myself and to never put myself in a situation where I am in no control over my life,” said Maria.

Maria also explains the reason why she was motivated to keep going, “I did not want to fail my daughters. I wanted to give them a strong demonstration of never giving up, so they can understand that life goes on.”

Also, being able to help others, motivated her to go after her legal degree in conflict resolution “I wanted to help other women that were in my same position since I did not realize I was so lost until I took this hit. I want to empower and inspire women to keep going since I know what it’s like to think that life was over, when really it’s just beginning.”

Maria’s main advice for women struggling is “There are going to be good days, and there are going to be bad days but we have to learn to shut those negative voices that tell us we are not good enough, and that we can’t do it, you have to push yourself, and say let me try. In the end, the worst that can happen is that you would get a no. After that, you have to keep on knocking on doors and eventually, you will get a yes. That is what happened to me, the phone never worked for me you should go get it in person, when they put a face to the voice is a different thing. Be persistent.”

Lastly, she advises everyone to use their failures as their drivers and always keep going, a small step is still a way forward. So even when you think your life is over and you hit the lowest point this can be your starting point for something great and something new.

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