How Canadian Tech Start-Up, Airzai, Is Giving Back During A Global Pandemic

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is how important it is to look out for one another. When so many people are at risk of getting ill, and others are losing their jobs and not getting essential items, we need to come together more than ever to help one another out. 

After the COVID-19 pandemic swept nation after nation globally, Airzai founders, Nabeel and Muneeb Mushtaq, knew that they couldn’t just sit back and wait out the storm.  

The company, whose flagship product is the Airzai Aroma, the world’s smartest home fragrance diffuser utilizing AI technology to deliver curated fragrances, had just finished its R&D and was gearing up to go into production at its factories in Asia. After raising a $4 million in seed funding and securing world-renowned designer, Fred Bould, known for his design work on products such as the Google Nest, Go Pro, and Roku TV as their chief designer , the company had to suddenly put a pause on production. 

With production paused on the Airzai Aroma, the company was left in limbo with its resources idly waiting for the day when production could resume. However, instead of allowing their resources to be wasted, the team decided to make good use of them and introduced a product that was badly needed around the world, specifically the developing and underprivileged communities – that is when Airzai Care was created. 

“When the pandemic hit, just like everyone else, we wondered what it would mean for our business. The fact that we were still in a pre-revenue startup stage, the timing couldn’t have been worse. We were on the verge of closing an additional $2M round of seed funding, but some of our investors pulled out due to the economic and financial uncertainty brought by the pandemic, and we had to go back to the drawing board. But we persevered, and that is when we were able to introduce a brand new product line in our company, Airzai Care, which would go on to help so many people. You have to look for the silver lining in everything,” said Muneeb Mushtaq, co-founder and CEO, Airzai. 

Airzai Care is a line of self-care disinfectant products created during a pandemic, for the pandemic like the one we are currently experiencing. The idea behind the line was more than just creating a product that was in scarce supply. It was also about creating something that was a premium product made with care in mind. Airzai Care’s flagship product, its air and surface disinfectant spray, is a patented blend of luxurious scents and ingredients which leaves those who use it feeling great. The company has already seen great success with its disinfectant product, with many users already raving about it.  

“The disinfectant spray made by Airzai has been perfect for this busy mama on the go. I can easily throw it into my purse and disinfect anytime, anywhere. I especially like to have it with me at the grocery store to give my cart an extra spritz of sanitization,” said Raven Lee, Airzai customer. 

With the threat of the novel Coronavirus still looming and continuing to worsen, the brothers have remained committed to helping vulnerable communities around the world. Shortly after launching their Airzai Care line, the Airzai team began creating self-care packages which they donated to frontline workers and the most vulnerable across North America and in their home country of Pakistan. 

As proud Pakistani-Canadians, in response to the crisis and dire need for disinfectants in Pakistan, Muneeb Mushtaq also pledged to donate a large quantity of Airzai Care disinfectant products to the Coronavirus Relief Fund in Pakistan set up by Prime Minister Imran Khan which is intended to help individuals and businesses struggling most from the pandemic. 

Muneeb continues, “Pakistan is one of the developing countries that also happens to be my home country, that we are putting a major focus on. With the third wave of COVID-19 upon us, the masses in Pakistan do not have easy access to the sanitization products needed to keep themselves protected. That is why I wanted to be able to bring something back to the country to support our frontline health care workers and those who are high-risk. By making this donation, the people who need disinfectant products the most will have Airzai Care products readily available to them which will help to keep them safe.” 

Most recently, Airzai’s ground team in Pakistan reached out to an at-risk elderly home, Sahara Village in Karachi, where they had seen the ever-growing need for disinfectant products. Both the workers and residents in the care facility needed PPE and disinfectant products desperately, and the Airzai knew they needed to step up to help their local community by supporting and protecting the higher-risk. In response, the brothers donated over 2,000 disinfectant products to the care home’s residents and staff. 

“With so many people in need of PPE and self-care disinfectant products, especially in developing countries such as Pakistan, there was no question when it came to helping them and doing our part. We saw the need, had the resources, and we did what we were able to do to help. It is so important that we all come together to do our part in helping one another during these pressing times,” said Nabeel Mushtaq, co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Airzai

With Airzai’s flagship product, Airzai Aroma, now back on track with manufacturing resuming, the brothers want to tap into the pool of great talent that Pakistan and the Middle East have. The company has already started  to open offices in the regions and is actively looking to hire a suite of positions. 

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