How A Pharmacy Student Became A Successful Entrepreneur Owner Of A DropshippingPharmacist

Many people face adversity, and many overcome it to become successful. Marcus Bright is no different, because since he was a child he dreamed and wanted to be great at something in business, he just didn’t know what. His hustle and attitude never let him quit and his entrepreneurial mind never let him sleep. However, it was the will to succeed, that drive that most entrepreneurs have and crave, is what kept him going.

“I was in Pharmacy school when I fell in love with the concept of Dropshipping. After hearing about it from a friend and researching, constantly staying up late at night, learning, watching every single youtube video out there, even if I had a Pharmacotherapy exam the next day, I didn’t care, because I was willing to sacrifice all that I had worked for. ‘It was 3:32am in my hometown, Daytona Beach, when the idea of my first Dropshipping Store came to me.’ Never having a credit card and going through a hard financial time I had no idea of how this project was going to work. My girlfriend encouraged me to get a credit card and to disregard any negative feelings that myself and parents might have had towards it, as my whole life I had been using a debit card.” Marcus explains.

Marcus was able to start his business and he began running ads using a credit card. Within his first month of dropshipping he ended up with $11,000 in revenue, that taste of success gave him more motivation and confidence that he could have ever dreamed. When he ended up having his first 100k month he realized that he was meant for that type of business and now helps people all around to achieve their goal of making 6 figures a month or even a week, because he knows that dream could become reality.

His motivation to become an entrepreneur was his desire to be in a position that allowed him to be financially independent, loving what he was doing. The idea of becoming a pharmacist was slowly turning more from a future main source of income, to a backup plan and he knew that he was set out for something that could afford him the lifestyle that he wanted to live.

Passing through all these challenges and keeping a strong mindset, Marcus recalls a lot of challenges in getting him where he is today. “When I started my first business I had the entrepreneurial hustle but overlooked that a business has requirements and in the learning process I take care of everything and find success with untapped methods that work.”  

“My inspiration to get into this industry were my parents and my girlfriend. I wanted them to see how successful I could be even without a degree. Right before I opened my first store I traveled to Miami and Europe with my girlfriend and I saw how people lived and I decided that I wanted the same for myself, but not just once every blue moon, I wanted that lifestyle all the time.” Marcus explains.

Mindset is everything when starting your own business. Find stability and surround yourself with winners to ensure success, because when you are around positive and supportive people ultimately you become that.

As someone who has been able to find success, Marcus  always recommends to other young entrepreneurs looking to start their own business to never give up, because there is somebody working 10 times harder to get exactly what you want. ‘Work hard and sacrifice a little now, to reward yourself a lot later.’

Being fearful of something is okay, as long as you recognize that fear doesn’t define yourself, make a break if you need it. Give yourself 3 seconds to make a decision if it pertains to you being fearful and instead of avoiding that fear, go straight through it and you will end up learning it wasn’t the fear that was holding you back, but the illusion of it was.

“Success is not how much money I have! Success is about how many people can learn from what I have done and replicate it and seeing others achieve their goals from my knowledge.” Marcus says. 

By shifting his mindset and focusing on his end goals, Marcus has been able to combat any obstacle that comes his way so far in his career like going from the total unknown to a major online user. 

“I differentiate myself from the competitors by my time-management skills. I realized that if you want to become a successful entrepreneur you need to work hard to make it work regardless of time.” Marcus explains.

Financial freedom means that I can feed myself and future children. It is about creating a generational wealth and giving back to those who need an early startup just like myself when I was starting out, a chance to create their own financial freedom.

“If a pharmacy student without a degree was able to make 7 figures dropshipping any one of you could do that as well.” Marcus concluded.

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