Golden Touch Mobile Spray Tanning Is The #1 Celebrity Trusted Mobile Spray Tanning Business In Miami. The Offer Fast, Affordable and Convenient Mobile Spray Tanning Services!

Everyone around the corner loves to get the bronze look. The market is full of amazing and awful products that enable you to have the sun-kissed look, but the one trend which is liked by each and everyone is spray tanning.

In fact, it has become one of the finest ways to achieve tanned skin, besides, it has many benefits too! Spray tanning does not cause any damage to your skin as the sun does: skin cancer, dark spots, sun spots, and premature aging are some of them.

Spray tanning is here to give you a sunless and safe glow, for sure! In that sense, Golden Touch Mobile Spray Tanning is the he #1 celebrity trusted mobile spray tan company in all of South Florida! The products they use do not have a smelly odor, instead they have a delicious raspberry and almond scent. Plus, they are organic, vegan, paraben free and gluten free.

Once you’ve left the tanning booth you’ll feel amazing about your skin and your body confidence will sky rocket. The moisturizing ingredients in their special spray tan formula will feed your dry skin and replenish it with a hydrating blend of natural substances, which smell amazing and they’ve been created to allow color development to occur quickly. As simple as it sounds, you will feel great when you look great!

Gladys Trasorras is the successful businesswoman behind Golden Touch Mobile Spray Tanning. When she was first starting her business, Gladys had to overcome various challenges such as the bad reputation the industry of spray tanning had at the time because it turned people orange and smelled really bad. With a lot of learning and hard work, she overcame these obstacles and now she is the successful owner of a profitable and well-renowned mobile spray tanning business, which has now morphed into a full blown mobile salon!

“At Golden Touch Mobile Spray Tanning we are extremely detailed.  My vibe attracts my tribe and my employees are extremely beautiful inside and out with incredible positive attitudes. We work with integrity and we’ve built an incredible reputation for almost 10 years now. We work every day all day from 10am-10pm. No excuses. We strive to be the best to see a smile and satisfactory experience for our very loved clientele”, Gladys explains.

They offer many services other than spray tanning, such as lashes, permanent makeup, botox, fillers, facials, professional makeup, microneedling, manicures, pedicures, hair extensions, massages and much more!

Some of the benefits of getting a spray tanning at Golden Touch are:

  • No orange undertone.
  • No smelly odor/raspberry almond scent.
  • Serving Miami/Broward and surrounding areas.
  • Dries in 3 minutes.
  • Instant color with bronze booster.
  • Last 7-12 days (and more with our touch up products).
  • They’re mobile: they go to you!

This year Golden Touch Mobile Spray Tanning is planning to become a franchise, to expand their training globally, to duplicate themselves into hundreds of women and to make their name a global well known brand, so that when people think mobile spray tanning or mobile salon they think Golden Touch!

With their services you can get the tanned skin color of your choice, and they guarantee that results are unbelievable. It is the best choice you can go with to get a natural tan. Remember that spray tanning is convenient, safest and customized!

To find out more about Golden Touch, follow them on Instagram here. You can also check their website here.