From Restaurants to Business Success: Samer Yorde and Paula Landino’s Journey

From the vibrant city of Maracaibo, Venezuela, Samer Yorde and Paula Landino, two young dreamers, embarked on a remarkable journey that took them from running restaurants to achieving business success.

Samer and Paula began their careers in the restaurant and food franchise industry in 2004. Samer, who had a degree in accounting, decided to start his restaurants with Paula, his partner in both life and business. Over a decade, they managed to run more than 15 successful businesses in Venezuela.

In 2016, driven by concerns about rising insecurity, they decided to move to Miami, where they began to franchise restaurant projects they had been planning for a while. They spent the first two years building these businesses from scratch until they faced the traditional business limitations, such as high costs and slow growth. Samer started looking for other ways to make extra money.

In February 2018, they discovered network marketing, which opened up new opportunities; they quickly realized the advantages of network marketing: It had lower costs and the potential to grow globally without huge expenses.

Over the next five years, Samer and Paula became well-known in network marketing and the first Venezuelans to receive the Million Dollar Hall of Fame recognition. They started promoting companies that offered educational services, health products, and software applications that helped their clients and partners.

Samer and Paula have integrated their efforts as a couple to achieve collective goals while supporting each other to compensate for their strengths and weaknesses, creating a spectacular team with plans to make a positive impact. 

They dream of establishing a foundation to assist immigrants in starting their entrepreneurial journeys.

“We are deeply committed to impacting the lives of 10,000 families. We want to help 20 families achieve seven-figure annual incomes. This is our present plan, and it’s being written into the future.” Samer and Paula share.

Samer and Paula believe having the right mindset is crucial for business success. They say that developing a winning attitude is the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs. It means seeing challenges as opportunities for growth.

“Invest in your education, not just in traditional school, but in practical learning from mentors or advisors who can guide you toward your goals.” Samer and Paula advise aspiring entrepreneurs.

They want people to know that while their success in network marketing was notably rapid, it was fueled by the experience gained in traditional businesses. Their 12 years in the restaurant industry equipped them with leadership, sales, determination, creativity, teamwork, consistency, and dedication; this combination has allowed them to earn over 2.5 million dollars in commissions in five and a half years.

They’re now dedicated to helping over 10,000 families achieve the same success in their profession.

Samer Yorde and Paula Landino’s journey exemplifies how determination, adaptability, and a winning mindset can turn challenges into triumphs.

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