Changing the Nutrition World: Sarah Brandow is Focusing on What Worked for Her and Applying it to Others On their Nutrition Journey.

Many people claim to know the new best thing when it comes to healthy dieting and nutrition. However, whether it is fad diets, fasting or not fasting, exercise or something else entirely, the world of nutrition is a complex one that seems to change every few weeks with either new research or some kind of revelation.

For many people just trying to get the best advice in order to lead a healthier lifestyle, this can become confusing and overwhelming and can cause many folks to just give up. This is where Sarah Brandow can help!

Sarah was just like the rest of us and not really paying attention to the kinds of things that she was eating. As a young student, she ate processed greasy food that would satisfy her cravings, but leave her feeling gross afterwards.

“In my teens and early 20s, living a healthy lifestyle was not something I was concerned about. I lived a typical student life, addicted to coffee and constantly eating processed and fast food. One day, I decided to make a change. I decided to center my diet around whole, organic, plant foods- and the results were incredible. I had more energy, my skin improved, my focus and performance went through the roof. I realize the profound importance of feeding our bodies with the right fuel, and how drastically it can change someone’s life!” Sarah details.

She decided to take up the cause of nutrition, went to school to get her masters degree, and graduated at the top of her class. She now runs a nutrition practice that focuses on the microbiome, which is often the root cause of many bad stomach feelings. For Sarah and her practice, her goal is to weed out all of the background noise of nutrition and provide clear results and practices.

“Many intensive cleanses, detoxes, or specialized diet programs can help mitigate symptoms but never get to the root cause. This leaves many people reliant on herbs and expensive supplements, managing their symptoms but rarely getting to the root cause. My mission is to help people elevate to their highest potential by unlocking the keys to a thriving, diverse microbiome,” Sarah explains.

Sarah isn’t just basing this off nonsense. In addition to studying for years to learn more and hone her skills, she also used these techniques on herself in order to change her own life for the better. She wanted to share both her experiences and her knowledge with as many people as possible in order to help others the way that she helped herself.

“The changes I experienced in my own life inspired me to build a career in nutrition. It was more of a calling than a conscious choice- I knew I had to follow my heart and share my passion with others. Seeing individuals heal and recover, and improve their quality of life, is the most rewarding and incredible feeling in the world. I can’t imagine doing anything else,” Sarah states.

Sarah also runs 8 week microbiome optimization programs to help all their clients discover how stem cells can benefit nutrition. In addition, she has big plans to keep on reaching people about the power of nutrition and the microbiome. She describes them below:

“My next project is to launch my gut health course in Jan 2023 to help clients cultivate and change their microbiome, to drastically improve their quality of life.”

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