Brian Claeys Achieves Success with All Dogs Unleashed, A Dog Training Center with a Unique Approach and Franchise Opportunities

Brian Claeys is co-owner of a successful dog training facility called All Dogs Unleashed. Brian, along with his best friend Travis, founded this business in Texas with a great work ethic.

Brian has been inspired by the hard work of his parents and his motivation to have his own business. He feels blessed to embark on this entrepreneurial venture with his best friend.

All Dogs Unleashed is a dog training center with a unique focus on customer service and providing quality services for dogs and their owners. All Dogs Unleashed offers features of a pet resort. 

In addition to training, All Dogs Unleashed offers services such as bathing, grooming, and doggie daycare, which keeps customers coming back to meet their pets’ needs even when traveling. 

It’s not your typical training center. We know our customers travel and will come back for more if we do all of the above,” mentions Brian.

The business has grown so much that in 2021 they began offering licensing agreements to help others follow their successful practices and have managed to become a successful franchise.

Brian realized that training dogs is not only a way to teach dogs to behave correctly, but it also helps strengthen the bond between the dogs and their owners, improves the quality of life for the dogs, and provides a solution to behavioral issues that many pet owners face. 

This idea of helping people have a deeper and more harmonious relationship with their dogs inspired me to get into this industry and start my own dog training business,” Brian explains.

One of the biggest challenges Brian and Travis faced when starting the business was funding. They didn’t want to borrow money and started with only $10,000 in the midst of the 2007-2008 real estate crisis. 

However, they saved diligently for the first few years and were able to rent and open their first facility with $150,000 saved. Brian highlights the importance of savings and financial management in the success of their business and how they are now helping others meet this challenge through the licensing agreements they offer.

Brian is noted for his focus on customer service and customer satisfaction. He and his team strive to underpromise and overdeliver, which means they underpromise what they can actually deliver and always seek to exceed their customers’ expectations.

From a dog training standpoint, we stay away from what we call reactive training. We help teach the dog to teach itself what not to do. From a business standpoint, we are the most organized dog trainers you will find. Dressed to impress, chicken filet customer service and always under promise to deliver. We make dog training simple for humans so that you can have a better relationship between you and your dog.” Brian states.

All Dogs Unleashed’s team of dog handlers are highly trained and have extensive experience in handling different dog breeds and behaviors. 

We pride ourselves on providing a personalized service tailored to the specific needs of each dog and its owner,” says Brian.

In 2023, All Dogs Unleashed is working to expand to additional locations that will be co-op stores. They are building their new Shreveport location and expect it to be completed in the next eight months. 

We also have deals on properties in Oklahoma City. We will begin working on website updates as we continue to master our SEO. We have currently been spending time talking to potential new franchisees. We are very proud of our model and with 16 natural growth locations we are excited to bring in new owners and show them how to be successful as well,” he adds.

If you are looking for a dog training center that offers a comprehensive and complete approach to dog training and care, we invite you to visit All Dogs Unleashed by clicking here where you can also contact them to schedule a free consultation.