Admirable Experience of Dr. Maria Rodriguez in Assisting Communities Through Her 3 Counseling Centers

Dr. Maria Rodriguez is known for her career as a college professor of Psychology but primarily for her outstanding service to immigrant communities within the U.S.

Since her family chose to relocate to the United States to raise their standard of living, Dr. Maria, who was raised in the Dominican Republic, has extensive knowledge of immigrant populations.

At the time, she faced language barriers, discrimination, and conflict between her parents but was also able to observe and learn the impact of social conflicts such as racism and sexism in her community. 

However, as the challenges loomed then, Dr. Maria used this experience to drive her. Now, she is one of the most accredited mental health professionals with 18+ years of experience.

As Dr. Maria explains, “These challenges further strengthened my resolve to succeed and give back to the community,”

Today, she owns and runs three successful facilities called Care Counseling Centers. She specializes in multiple areas connected to healthcare and immigrants and offers them orientation while supporting mental health and cultural adaptation.

“My motivation to start my counseling services was due to my migration experiences and the challenges observed in my community,” says Dr. Maria Rodriguez.

She believes it is necessary to help such families overcome the problems a new culture presents. Her counseling services treat issues ranging from family separation to overcoming discrimination.

It was important for her to provide a space where immigrants could find understanding, guidance, and empowering tools to positively begin their new life process. They need to feel supported in their new environment to thrive.

She also emphasizes the importance of creating a safe space for young girls to express their voices and power.

Dr. Maria Rodriguez is dedicated to realizing her American dream through community service, focusing on supporting immigrant communities and improving her patient’s mental health care.

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